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Creed II 4K 2018

USA     Movies / Drama 4K
Steven Caple Jr.
Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, Russell Hornsby, Wood Harris, Milo Ventimiglia, Robbie Johns, Andre Ward, Brigitte Nielsen, Patrice Harris, Jacob 'Stitch' Duran, Ana Gerena.
IMDB 7.4
File Size: 47.75 GB
Film Description
Bought a new TV, but do not know what to watch? On this site you will find a lot of content for downloading on samsung 4k. Adonis Creed's life turned into a string of compromises. While he is torn between duty and workouts for the next big fight, fate is preparing him a new impossible mission. The future opponent is closely connected with the history of his family, which only increases the stakes before the upcoming entry into the ring. Rocky Balboa will always be on the side of Creed, and together they will come out to battle with the ghosts of their common past, find out what is really worth fighting for, and realize that there is nothing more precious than a family. You need to go back to basics to remember what exactly made you a champion, and that no matter where you run, you still cannot hide from yourself.

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The day before the trip to the session of "Creed", I specifically reviewed the entire "Rocky" franchise, starting with the 1976 film and ending with "Creed" 2015. Despite the monotonous plots and predictable finals, each part still looks with great interest (except for the fifth, it is terrible).

And on the screens came out "Creed 2", which is essentially a simultaneous continuation of the first "Creed" and the 1985 film "Rocky 4". After watching, I wondered if they had shown something that would keep the viewer interested and at the same time distinguish it from other parts. Yes and no.

Let's go in order:


To begin with, let's be honest, sports dramas are always built according to one formula: "becoming (acquaintance, short disclosure of characters) - falling (losing, internal problems with heroes) - revival (hope, victory over antagonist or self)". The development of the main characters occurs smoothly and gradually and is not surprising. But with regards to the line of antagonists - the drama of members of the Drago family is perfectly spelled out here. Thank God, the Russian boxers are not shown as in "Rocky 4" by completely soulless killer robots speaking short phrases ("I must break you!", "If he dies, he dies"!). In this film, they have a well-defined motivation , it becomes immediately clear that they are villains, not because they are villains, but because they had to become villains (although at the end of the film you don't even consider them so), but I'm warning without the "Russian cranberry" anyway :)


Michael B. Jordan - a young charismatic actor, who in the first part of "Creed" showed that he can play serious dramatic roles, copes well with the role of his son Apollo Creed, who each time finds it harder to bear the legacy of his father.

Sylvester Stallone - the legendary Rocky Balboa. Sly has played him so many times that it already seems that he has merged with the character. And from that, Rocky looks like a living person, for the audience it's just an old good friend, which is nice to see on the screen. No wonder that Stallone received 2 Oscar nominations for the role of the same character (the original Rocky in 1976 and Creed 2015).

Dolph Lundgren suddenly reveals Ivan Drago, a Soviet boxer who, after being defeated in a fight with Rocky, became literally nobody and is trying through his son to prove to the world that he is still fit for something. The last minutes of the final battle literally make him a "man"!

Tessa Thompson as the wife of Adonis Creed and Florian Munteanu in the role of Victor Drago (whose strikes on the screen seem like a bomb) fades slightly against the background of the main characters, but they play their roles well.

Camera work, music, fights are not original, but they are made qualitatively.

So, "Crete 2" is a great sequel, continuing the series of films "Rocky". Despite the banal plot, it gives and opens us great characters. Watch recommend, especially fans. Moreover, this is the last appearance of Stallone in the image of Rocky. And say goodbye to this beautiful and iconic character is definitely worth it;)

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 47.75 GB
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18 March 2019 11:13
great movie and nice to see dolp lundgren back in it
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