27-07-2022, 16:01
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
John Stewart, an Earthling, is given a high-tech ring that allows him to fly and create objects with his mind. John discovers that the Green Lantern Corps needs help and, enlisting the support of some members of the Justice
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 33.37 GB
13-07-2022, 02:02
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
Nothing brings a family together like a minor setback. Bob's humble diner has new competitors, and now the owner has to literally go out of his way to stay afloat. An unexpected help for Bob may be his own wayward offspring, who
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 54.82 GB
22-06-2022, 20:35
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
The world has never seen such skillful adventurers: the dexterous pickpocket Mr. Wolf, the skilled safecracker Mr. Snake, the cold-blooded master of disguise Mr. Shark, the flashy and muscular Mr. Piranha, and the witty top-class
IMDB 6.9
SIZE 45.75 GB
29-05-2022, 14:47
Animation 4K
In the countryside of medieval France, two peasants in love, Jean and Jeanne, go to the local baron for permission to marry. But the wedding tax has risen sharply, the groom is unable to pay, and so the first wedding night with
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 45.24 GB
1-05-2022, 11:17
Movies / Animation 4K / Comedy 4K
Toronto, 2002. Active and cheerful 13-year-old Meilin tries her best to be the first in everything in order to please her strict, overprotective mother. The girl's family lives at the temple and worships the Goddess Progenitor.
IMDB 7.0
SIZE 44.33 GB
21-04-2022, 23:24
Animation 4K
After a long journey through endless space, astronaut Grimaldi returns home. As a souvenir for his daughter, he brings back an unusual object: a sphere radiating light. But on closer inspection, the mysterious object turns out to
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 52.59 GB
23-03-2022, 21:38
Movies / Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
It's hard to be a producer when you're a koala and have paws. It's even harder when your faithful assistant is older than a typewriter. And it's fun when your cast is a nonstop dancing chubby boy, a prickly punk girl, a shy
IMDB 7.5
SIZE 64.03 GB
9-03-2022, 14:12
Animation 4K
Nine of Japan's top animators were asked to create short films based on the theme of "Robots" in order to later combine them into one film. The common element, human interaction with robots, and specifically the
IMDB 6.9
SIZE 26.77 GB
18-02-2022, 13:28
Animation 4K
A naked woman climbs into the snowy mountains, where she finds the keeper of ancient knowledge and tells him her story. Her name is Zod; some time ago she was the queen of a swamp tribe, and with the help of the magical blue
IMDB 6.2
SIZE 25.8 GB
10-02-2022, 18:01
Animation 4K
Follows Catwoman in an attempt to steal a priceless jewel. This puts her squarely in the crosshairs of both a powerful consortium of villains, Interpol and Batwoman. 4k movies reviews I'm not sure who this movie is aimed at.
IMDB 5.6
SIZE 29.93 GB
9-02-2022, 19:00
Animation 4K / Comedy 4K
The amazing Madrigal family lives in a magical house hidden in the mountains of Colombia, located in a wonderful and charming corner called Encanto. Each child in the Madrigal family has been blessed by the magic of this place
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 56.85 GB
24-01-2022, 16:26
Animation 4K
Hathaway Noah leads a rebellion against the Earth Federation after Char's rebellion, but an encounter with an enemy army officer and a mysterious woman changes his fate. 4k movies reviews The difference between a series episode
IMDB 6.7
SIZE 67.04 GB