Mortal Kombat 4K 2021
Mortal Kombat 4K 2021

Mortal Kombat 4K 2021

Simon McQuoid
Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson, Joe Taslim, Mehcad Brooks, Matilda Kimber, Laura Brent, Tadanobu Asano, Hiroyuki Sanada, Chin Han, Ludi Lin, Max Huang, Sisi Stringer, Mel Jarnson, Nathan Jones, Daniel Nelson, Ian Streetz, Yukiko Shinohara.
IMDB 6.2
File Size: 55.63 GB
Film Description
Mixed martial arts fighter Cole Young has repeatedly agreed to lose for money. He is unaware of his legacy and why the Outworld Emperor Shang Tsung sends the powerful Cryomancer Sub-Zero to hunt Cole. Young fears for the safety of his family, and Special Forces Major Jax, who has the same dragon mark as Cole, advises him to go in search of Sonya Blade. Soon, Cole, Sonya and the mercenary Kano find themselves in the temple of Lord Raiden, the Elder God and protector of the Earth kingdom, who gives refuge to those who bear the mark. Here, the arrivals train with experienced warriors Liu Kang and Kun Lao, preparing to confront the enemies from the Outside World, and for this they need to reveal in themselves the arcana - the powerful force of the soul.

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I will do without spoilers for this review. I waited for the film for a long time, strongly - I ran to the first sessions. I will say the conclusion right away that we end up with a trailer, big, cool. But still a trailer. In order to test the audience, look at the box office and start blowing, if successful, to the fullest. And this success ... is almost inevitable.

I'm not saying the film is flawless. Of course not. There are a lot of them here, but .. often we are pampered with high-quality and high-grossing film adaptations of game universes? And often they do it, taking into account the fanbase? Here the creators have worked hard and this work is visible almost from the first shots. And these frames, by the way, are very, very good. For those who were afraid that there would be graphics, ala the beginning of the 21st century - you can exhale, everything is fine here.

The storyline is worth mentioning separately. She does not correspond to the classics and post-classics, she tells her story, but using a common logical chain. Therefore, I immediately ask you - do not look for patterns from the game universe. Here it is similar, but still different.

Characters and characters worked out ... well, not bad. I personally have questions: reptile, Raiden, Melina, etc. .. Shang Tsung. The situation with Shang Tsung is interesting. This is not at all a longing for Kara-Hiroyuki Tagawa, here the character has a different character. Villainous or something. It's not quite that ... well, maybe then they will somehow reveal it, replay it. But so far - one of the main characters does not look very solid. Melina, as you understand from the trailers, looks a little different, but .. here, after all, the creators tried a little better. You will see it in the film, but all the same questions remained to the choice of the actress, at least. Raiden ... excuse me, but we shouldn't have chosen an Asian actor for this role. It would be better to use a textured character to match the game parts ala 9/10/11. But this may be my quibbles, but he lacks, as if it would be wisdom. For God, it seems to me, this is an important feature. And also Goro ... but okay, you'll see for yourself.

The staging of the battles and the choreography are excellent. Straight, without exaggeration. Very good. Sometimes pleasant unexpected turns are surprising. There are some fatalities in the film, but ... they can surprise you. And of course the pathos. Especially around the main characters of the film - Scorpio and Sub-Zero. Mortal Kombat is built on coolness and pathos, here he is present. And the adapted classical music from the first film underlines it all.

The plot part ... frankly weak, but I repeat, if you look at this film, as I described above - 'an experiment on the topic of whether the audience will like this', then it is quite passable. But for lovers of ENT MK - it will be boring and scarce. An interesting feint happened with Sub-Zero, which raises many questions about his role and weaving into the current plot. But these questions have a character on the topic - 'I wonder how they will develop this?'.

Dubbing ... not bad, but the trailer was very promising. 'GO HERE' - they still translated. Mortal Kombat - they bow down. Some names are distorted. Not fatal, but 'Get over here' is important, no need to translate.

In the end: if you don't know anything about Mortal Kombat at all and words like 'fatality', 'Johnny Cage', 'Shao Kahn', 'Outside World', 'Kung Lao' don't say anything to you ... then I'm afraid that you will get bored in moments when there are no cool battles. Well, if you are a fan, then ... I am happy to inform you that you will most likely like it. There are many points to which you can write criticism, but this is not a failure either. Not at all. Just remember - this is a cool, big new universe trailer. Enjoy!

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (59.7 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby Atmos
English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital 5.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Italian: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1

English SDH, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin (Simplified), Mandarin (Traditional), Korean.
File size: 55.63 GB
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