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Hospital Massacre 4K 1981

Hospital Massacre 4K 1981

Boaz Davidson
Barbi Benton, Charles Lucia, Jon Van Ness, John Warner Williams, Den Surles, Gloria Jean Morrison, Karen Smith, Michael Frost, Jimmy Stathis, Lanny Duncan, Marian Beeler, Elly Wold, Jonathon Moore, Gay Austin, Bill Errigo, Beverly Hart, Ann Charlotte Lindgren, Judith Baldwin.
IMDB 5.0
File Size: 57.65 GB
Film Description
1961. On Valentine's Day, a boy named David comes to visit a girl named Susan. They play with a steamroller, giggle and clearly have a soft spot for each other. Their idyll is watched through the window by another boy, Harold, who then tosses a Valentine's card under Susan's door. But the little girl rejects the paper heart with a confession and, with a sneer, crumples it up. Harold, seizing a moment when Susan has gone to the kitchen, sneaks into the house and kills the rival.

Nineteen years pass. Susan is grown up, has a husband and a child. One day she has to go to the hospital to get the X-rays she took the day before. A man in a doctor's mask gets in before her and changes the results of her examination. The doctors find that the x-ray shows leprosy (living rot), which frightens them and forcibly sends them to a special room. Meanwhile, whoever did all this starts slaughtering all the medical staff and patients, getting closer and closer to a desperate Susan...

4k movies reviews
1982 wasn't a good horror film, but even so, 'Hospital Massacre' couldn't claim to be the horror flick of the year (as evidenced by the fact that it is now in deep oblivion), if only because it was easily outdone in plot and graphic terms by 'The Thing', 'Poltergeist', 'Friday the 13th Part 3' and 'Horror Kaleidoscope', but 'Massacre. ." wasn't completely helpless and felt quite comfortable in the 'bash' Legion alongside 'Boogeyman', 'Swamp Thing' and yes 'Madman'.

A good plot twist sets you in the right mood, but further the script disappears at the very moment when the main maniac (whose identity is revealed practically from the very beginning of the film) in a doctor's suit with a funny cap falsifies the test results, for the script will not present such plot twists any more. But it is still kind of interesting to watch the movie - they kill quite effectively and efficiently. Besides, in one scene the camera will slowly observe the forms of Barbie Benton for about three minutes, and considering that Barbie is not a 'disposable' horror-actress from the category of 'Sorry, no photo' but a former Playboy model, the question of attracting a male audience may be considered closed.

Or open, if you appreciate in horror movies not blood and boobs (hmmm...) but atmosphere and convincing actors - the picture is not frightening at all, and many of the actors are extremely flush. Especially I would like to kick a bunch of senile old women and an alcoholic man out of the movie, which makes the local hospital look like a typical madhouse.

I personally liked the movie, but I'm a fan of the genre. And this movie is for those same fans. If you dislike these kinds of movies, watch a different one. Even among B-movies 'Massacre' is not a masterpiece - it lacks thrashiness, harshness and moronism.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 57.65 GB
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