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Infinity Pool 4K 2023 Uncut

Infinity Pool 4K 2023 Uncut

Brandon Cronenberg
Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman, Dunja Sepcic, Adam Boncz, Jalil Lespert, Zijad Gracic, Amar Bukvic, Alan Katic, Thomas Kretschmann, Katalin Lábán, Kamilla Fátyol, Lena Juka Stambuk, Kristóf Kovács, Romina Tonkovic, Amanda Brugel, Jeff Ricketts, John Ralston.
IMDB 6.1
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Film Description
Writer James Foster is vacationing with his wife at a VIP resort in a third world country. He published a book a few years ago, hasn't written a line since, and chose this place, hoping to find inspiration here. The couple meet another couple and, despite being forbidden to leave the protected area, go on a picnic with them out of boredom. On the way back, James, who is driving, runs over a local man to death, and now he is to be punished to the full extent of local law.

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I think it was a comedy..... In any case, the audience watching this movie in the same room with me, laughed heartily.

Refined, sweet as fudge, handsome James comes with his wife to a resort with some - something slivnyavo - gurgling name (or I - tolka, or. la - only). The resort is located on the territory of a terribly totalitarian state. Representatives of the punitive bodies wear eye-pleasing uniforms of black color, and drive around in 'Volga' cars - that's the burp of totalitarianism! The resort is surrounded by barbed wire (for aesthetic purposes), foreigners are forbidden to leave the territory (for their safety). A liberated woman of the West, Gaby, and her toothy husband, impose themselves on James as friends, and induce the weak-willed lad to break the inhibitions. Returning from a car ride, under the influence of hot drinks, James hits a local man and ends up in jail. The investigator explains to James that there is a beautiful, ancient custom on the island - the sons of the murdered man must kill their father's killer. But fortunately for James, the foreigner can avoid death by allowing himself to be cloned, and then the clone becomes the victim. All the best for foreigners and children! And that's where - that's where the fun begins....

What is this movie about? Is it another stupid horror movie? Has Cronenberg's son taken the banner from his father's weakening hands? Is misanthropy hereditary? Oh, yeah! Brandon hates people too, but in his own way. I'm going to try and timidly speculate as to what the director is trying to say with this movie.

Why is the movie called 'Boundless Pool'? The movie starts and ends with a view of a swimming pool. A little-known type named Jung, in his (uninteresting books) insists that water is a symbol of the unconscious. James is a weak, infantile tubby man married to a rich man's daughter and living the lifestyle of a mudfish. He is an alphonse, living off his wife, he is sluggishly adrift, and he is content with this life. Through a series of cruel initiations, Gaby forces James's subconscious to wake up and squeeze out of himself a slave (Chekhov squeezed out a drop at a time, while James squirted out a jet - the scene on the beach). In order to be born again, the new James has to kill the James of old. The scene in which Gaby breastfeeds James marks the birth of a new man, and is written with almost iconic beauty.

Delusional? Perhaps. Perhaps there are other explanations for what happens on screen. Cronenberg Jr. shows very well that people wear masks under which they hide their repressed, displaced desires (hello, Sigmund!). How quickly this thin patina of civilization falls off people - it is only necessary to remove this convention called law, and the little men are ready to kill their own kind with their bare hands.

The main decoration of the movie is the heroine Mia Goth. In episodes she looks like a fury - slobbering grin, animal cries, unrestrained passion for violence. In the breastfeeding scene, she is peaceful, and her image evokes biblical motifs. She can be quiet and beautiful, and a second later explode with emotion, and evoke feelings of revulsion. A miracle, not a girl.

Skarsgard is looking more and more like his dad. The same smile, facial features, scrotum-shaped chin. Loose and relaxed at the beginning of the movie, after Gabi deftly milks him on the beach, he begins to slouch, stretches his neck parallel to the ground, and demonstrates submission. Gaby knows how to tame a man.

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English SDH, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Swedish.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 73.51 GB
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