10-11-2022, 19:18
Movies / Drama 4K / Western 4K
1920s. Brothers Phil and George own Montana's largest ranch. Despite their kinship and their business together, they have little in common: Phil is rude, doesn't like to bathe, and never misses an opportunity to humiliate the
IMDB 6.8
SIZE 80.73 GB
10-11-2022, 18:32
Animation 4K
He was born with red noses. But that was no problem. His nose, however, shone like a bright star. All the reindeer were insulted by the red-nosed boy. They didn't take him to the game. And teased all the time. But once, on
IMDB 8.0
SIZE 34.11 GB
28-10-2022, 16:09
Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
TV producer Max Renn, looking for fresh and original porn for his cable channel, accidentally stumbles upon "Videodrome," a show about sex and murder that comes out of nowhere, the repeated viewing of which corrupts not
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 60.19 GB
27-10-2022, 14:21
Movies / Horror 4K
Six months after his father's death in a ridiculous accident, brother and sister, Ojai and Emerald, are trying to keep the family business - a ranch with horses for movie and commercial shoots - afloat. Things are going from bad
IMDB 6.9
SIZE 63.71 GB
26-10-2022, 20:30
Horror 4K
Composer and music professor John Russell lost his wife and daughter in tragic circumstances. Seeking solace, he moves into an old manor house that has not been lived in for twenty years. However, John gets the impression that
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 56.91 GB
28-09-2022, 14:33
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
The near future. People have a syndrome of accelerated evolution, due to which the body begins to occur amazing changes - people have almost ceased to feel pain. In pursuit of forbidden sensations and forbidden pleasures, a
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 70.04 GB
6-09-2022, 07:29
Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
1979, Texas. A company of six rents a small house from an elderly farmer couple to make an adult film. Although the landlord immediately warns them not to make any noise and to behave decently, the producer, of course, disregards
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 61.21 GB
31-07-2022, 15:03
Adventure 4K
The modern world hides many secrets, but the most surprising of them is that witches still live among us. These are evil supernatural beings whose goal is to send the deadly plague to the world. The Last Witch Hunter 2015 year
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 51.95 GB
19-07-2022, 12:51
Drama 4K
The story of a 16-year-old tomboy girl named Sibi, whose mother is a prostitute and whose father is serving 5 years in prison for driving a truck into a school bus. Sibi listens to punk, smokes pot, and occasionally attends
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 52.49 GB
1-07-2022, 11:22
Movies / Adventure 4K
In the not-too-distant future, a race of aliens invades Earth. No army in the world can stand against them. Major William Cage dies in combat, but the impossible happens - he finds himself in a time loop. Time after time he finds
IMDB 7.9
SIZE 78.11 GB
7-06-2022, 02:34
Drama 4K
Gloucester, Massachusetts. A deaf family runs a fishing business. Ruby, 17, the only hearing member of the family, helps her deaf parents and brother fish. At school, she joins a local choir where she realizes she loves to sing.
IMDB 8.0
SIZE 69.22 GB
1-05-2022, 11:17
Movies / Animation 4K / Comedy 4K
Toronto, 2002. Active and cheerful 13-year-old Meilin tries her best to be the first in everything in order to please her strict, overprotective mother. The girl's family lives at the temple and worships the Goddess Progenitor.
IMDB 7.0
SIZE 44.33 GB