24-12-2021, 12:34
Drama 4K / Adventure 4K
North of Canada. Unreliable April ice, truck weight - 33 tons. Driving on the frozen surface of the lake is possible only at a certain speed, and stopping or accelerating means certain death. But this is precisely the task facing
IMDB 5.6
SIZE 48.39 GB
17-12-2021, 18:00
Thrillers 4K / Drama 4K
In the last days of World War II, an exhausted and hungry 19-year-old private kidnaps the captain's uniform. Pretending to be an officer, he gathers a group of deserters and is going by all possible means to fight his way
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 52.92 GB
14-12-2021, 11:50
Drama 4K
An excellent driver - in daylight he performs stunt stunts on the set of Hollywood, and at night he plays a risky game. But one dangerous contract - and a reward is assigned for his life. Now, in order to stay alive and save his
IMDB 7.8
SIZE 55.87 GB
13-12-2021, 13:29
Movies / Drama 4K / Comedy 4K
1987 year. Jordan Belfort becomes a broker for a successful investment bank. The bank closes shortly after the sudden collapse of the Dow Jones. On the advice of his wife Teresa, Jordan gets a job in a small institution that
IMDB 8.2
SIZE 78.87 GB
11-12-2021, 12:59
Thrillers 4K / Drama 4K
Many British intelligence officers guessed that a "mole" working for the USSR had long been entrenched in its leadership. But those who dared to declare this openly, for some reason, found themselves in retirement. The
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 74.41 GB
10-12-2021, 02:47
Drama 4K / Comedy 4K
A story about a demon who seeks out naughty children during Christmas to punish them. 4k movies reviews I consider the film Krampus, directed by Michael Dougherty, to be a good representative of the horror comedy genre, while the
IMDB 6.2
SIZE 68.61 GB
9-12-2021, 16:38
Drama 4K
Martial arts master Miyagi, his follower Daniel and other students gain a landslide victory over Kriza's karate school. Kriz is hatching a plan for revenge. He turns to his old army friend Terry, with whom he served in
IMDB 5.3
SIZE 56.50 GB
9-12-2021, 15:44
Drama 4K
Karate teacher Miyagi leaves Los Angeles and travels to Okinawa to visit his dying father. Daniel accompanies him during the trip. There Miyagi meets his old enemy, and Daniel makes a new one ... 4k movies reviews 'The
IMDB 6.1
SIZE 56.86 GB
8-12-2021, 17:57
Drama 4K
Lai Yu-Fai and Ho Po-Win were in love when they came to Argentina from Hong Kong. But when they headed south in search of adventure, something broke between them. 4k movies reviews Tango is a dance of love and suffering, passion
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 52.04 GB
8-12-2021, 16:59
Movies / Drama 4K
France, late 14th century. The relationship between the knight Jean de Carrouge and his companion and neighbor Jacques Le Gris is gradually deteriorating, and it comes to an insoluble conflict. The offended Carrouge turns
IMDB 7.5
SIZE 60.61 GB
7-12-2021, 17:20
Drama 4K
The father of two brothers, who live in the majestic mountains of Montana on the eve of the First World War, raised both sons in the spirit of the biblical commandments. But the brothers grew up completely different from each
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 77.40 GB
7-12-2021, 00:45
Drama 4K
Hong Kong, 1962. Soo and Chou rent adjoining rooms in the same apartment. Their spouses are away all the time. One day, Cho recognizes Su's handbag, given to her by her husband - his wife has the same. And Su recognizes
IMDB 8.1
SIZE 51.71 GB