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A League of Their Own 4K 1992

A League of Their Own 4K 1992

Penny Marshall
Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, Megan Cavanagh, Tracy Reiner, Bitty Schram, Ann Cusack, Anne Ramsay, Freddie Simpson, Renee Coleman, Robin Knight, Patti Pelton, Kelli Simpkins.
IMDB 7.3
File Size: 74.21 GB
Film Description
Jimmy Dugan is a former baseball player whose glorious days in the Big League have already passed. He is invited as a coach to the Women's Baseball League, created in 1943, when all the men were in the war.

Seeing the desperate desire and decisiveness of his wards, he forgets about his pessimism and gains confidence in himself and his team.

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"Their own league" is the standard of how a movie about sports should be: a little funny, a little sad, and a lot of life.

This is the story of the Peaches women's baseball team, founded in 1943. This team consisted of girls whose husbands went to war. Playing baseball, they begin to understand that for them this is not just a game, but the meaning of their life. The coach of this unusual team is Jimmy Dugan, a former baseball player who can no longer play due to a leg injury. At first, Jimmy refers to this whole thing with a misunderstanding. It doesn't fit his head that a woman can play baseball. But over time, he changes his position, and his team begins to gain momentum.

What immediately catches the eye in this film is the irresistible playing of Tom Hanks. Everyone knows that this actor has just brilliant comedic talent and in this picture we are convinced of this. He is laconic, but his facial expression is just something. At the beginning of the film, we see his hero Jimmy gouging and rude, but throughout the whole picture his life position with regard to the female baseball team is changing and he is turning into an ideal coach who sincerely believes in his team and its victory.

The picture looks in one breath. There are so many funny moments that you just fall from laughter from the sofa. For example, the one when Jimmy once again yells at Evelyn (Beatty Shram) for not playing very well and not to offend her, he emotionally, but wordlessly tries to explain to her that it is impossible to play like that. This is really funny!

In the film, we also see many dramatic moments, for example, the relationship of the two sisters Dotti (Gina Davis) and Keith (Lori Petty). Kit is always upset that her sister is better than her in everything, although Dottie absolutely does not like this superiority, because she really loves her little sister.

In my opinion, the moment when the whole composition of the female baseball team meets after so many years is very important in the film. They didn't see each other for a long time and with a smile on their face recall that wonderful time when they played for the Peaches baseball team ...

In the end, I want to say that "Their Own League" is an amazing film. The film that memories are the best that a person has ...

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File size: 74.21 GB
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