Charlie Brown's All Stars 4K 1966 Ultra HD 2160p big poster
Charlie Brown's All Stars 4K 1966 Ultra HD 2160p

Charlie Brown's All Stars 4K 1966 Ultra HD 2160p

Bill Melendez
Peter Robbins, Sally Dryer, Christopher Shea...
IMDB 7.7
File Size: 9.09 GB
Film Description
When his team is offered membership in the Little League, Charlie Brown finds he must make a difficult moral decision. Download movies 4K animation Charlie Brown's All Stars.

Story Movie
At the end of their patience after yet another humiliating defeat of Charlie Brown's baseball team, the whole team quits on him. All seems lost until Charlie Brown learns that his team can join the Little League and become a member team with real uniforms. The team's enthusiasm is rekindled, but unknown to them Charlie Browns learns that neither the girls nor his dog, Snoopy, would be allowed to play. With great difficulty, Charlie Brown has to make a difficult moral decision and live with the consequences.

Charlie Brown's All Stars 4K Review
Second animated special based on the cartoon strips of Charles M. Schulz is about poor luckless Charlie Brown's attempts to win at least one game, and break a long losing streak. Charlie gets some initially good news when he is offered the chance to join an official little league, and get to wear real uniforms, but even that hope is dashed when he is informed that the league won't accept either girls or pets(Snoopy). How can Charlie break this news to the gang without the risk of them walking away from the game forever, and him in particular? Lightweight special is stuck between two classics, and is just too flimsy and silly to be remembered. Best for Baseball fans.

File size: 9.09 GB
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