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Field of Dreams 4K 1989

Field of Dreams 4K 1989

USA     Movies / Drama 4K
Phil Alden Robinson
Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Gaby Hoffmann, Ray Liotta, Timothy Busfield, James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, Frank Whaley, Dwier Brown, James Andelin, Mary Anne Kean, Fern Persons, Kelly Coffield Park, Michael Milhoan, Steve Eastin.
IMDB 7.5
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Film Description
Today new release 4k movies, Field of Dreams, is an old film, but until these times it remains as good as it was in 1989. Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella is at a loss. Recently, he constantly hears a voice that advises him to build a baseball field in place of his corn fields. Someone, perhaps, such a proposal would seem to be completely devoid of meaning. But not Ray.
After all, his late father was once just obsessed with this game. Loving son decides to follow the advice. And now the field is built, and a ghostly team of legendary players appears on it. Rei is not so much scared as puzzled. To understand the meaning of amazing events, he begins his own investigation ...

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The name of director Phil Alden Robinson is unlikely to tell you about anything, even if you use his biography. But it was this unknown person who managed to make one of the most wonderful and delightful films of all times and peoples. His name is "Field of Miracles". The picture, openly urging the viewer not to live on orders, but to follow the call of his own mind, can not but be liked. Paraphrasing the famous slogan of "Forrest Gampa" that "the world will never be the same after you see it with the eyes of Forrest Gampa", you can say that "desires will never seem so feasible to you after you see the world through the eyes of Ray Kinsella.

Ray Kinsella is the protagonist of the film, an ordinary farmer from Iowa, who heard his inner voice one day, commanding him to first build a baseball stadium on the site of a corn plantation, and then go in search of once famous people, now forgotten, in order to fulfill their cherished dreams . Making absurd, irreducible to any logic actions, Ray discovers a stunning world, where the line between the past and the present is erased, but the reality that quite recently seemed impracticable. The Kinsella baseball field becomes a kind of portal in time for famous baseball players who died more than 30 years ago, and the journey to which the main character goes is an additional touch, without which this amazing, out of place event would not make sense.

Kevin Costner superbly played Ray Kinsella, a man of nothing special in life who has not reached, is experiencing a mid-life crisis, who has perhaps the only chance in life to do something useful not only for himself, but also for others. It can be seen with some inspiration Kostner plays, who was not a famous actor at that time - he had only a role in Brian De Palma in The Untouchables and several second-class projects. Huge admiration and respect is caused by the play of secondary actors - both the wise experiences of James Earl Jones and Bert Lancaster, as well as the young, still very "green", Ray Liotta and Frank Wiley.

You do not need to be a baseball fan or farmer in the tenth generation to understand and appreciate this picture. It is not about baseball at all, and certainly not about farming, it is about much more important things, such as faith, sacrifice and the desire to help your neighbor. After all, to receive good, you can only give it. And it does not matter that the main character is on the verge of ruin - he believes in himself and in what he does, and behind his back there is a family that will always support. Indicative in this regard is the scene when no one but the Kinsella family sees the "dead" on the baseball field - this means that only the wife and daughter believe in Ray. Family, according to the film, this is a mighty rock, on which any person can lean in difficult times.

Among other things, the picture seeks to lead us to the simple, in general, the thought that all significant achievements in this world grow out of rash, sometimes silly actions, and those who do not consider public opinion become great and do so , as their own mind dictates to them, no matter what crazy ideas he throws.

Baseball is presented in the film as a metaphor of a dream, to which everyone goes his own way. It is easy to imagine a hospital, church or school on the site of a baseball stadium, but it was baseball that perfectly fit into the plot of the picture, because it was shot in America after all, and for Americans it is sacred. And after watching the movie you understand why. I, as a spectator, completely distant from this sport, not knowing who the Pinschers are and what home run is, nevertheless, managed to feel the film's atmosphere: to feel this cool grass underfoot, to see this boundless sky, to breathe in this fresh wind with the smell of delicious corn.

At one time, the film "Field of Miracles" was awarded three Oscar nominations (including as "Best Film of the Year") and collected more than $ 60 million in the American box office, but then turned out to be undeservedly forgotten by the modern audience, but those who were lucky enough to appreciate the tape , they will never forget it, because the charm of this film does not pass with age, and I want to return to it again and again, stating with regret the fact that now films like "The Field of Miracles" are no longer being shot and are unlikely to ever be shot.

- Does paradise exist?

- Oh yeah! This is where dreams come true.

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