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SLC Punk 4K 1998

SLC Punk 4K 1998

James Merendino
Matthew Lillard, Michael A. Goorjian, Annabeth Gish, Jennifer Lien, Christopher McDonald, Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, Adam Pascal, Til Schweiger, James Duval, Summer Phoenix, Chiara Barzini, Kevin Breznahan, Christina Karras, Russell Peacock, Christopher Ogden, Francis Capra, McNally Sagal.
IMDB 7.4
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Film Description
If you grew up in America, it's in your blood to rebel against the world. And if you're Stevo, and you live in the Reagan era in Salt Lake City, then... your rebelliousness is a little stronger. Peace is his enemy, anarchy is his religion. You embark on an exciting journey through his life, and along the way you meet punks, posers, mods, freaks, junkies and other personalities. Stevo's father, a former hippie, thinks his life is going to waste and convinces his son to go to Harvard Law School, which he himself graduated from. But Stevo, beneath a seemingly impenetrable armor of Mohawk, earrings, and leather, has many thoughts lurking. This begs the question: how do you maintain your individuality and live in society?

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The thing that pisses me off is the coddling about who started punk rock. Was it the Sex Pistols in England? Was it the Ramones and the Velvet Underground in New York? Was it the Ramones? Was it the Sex Pistols?

Who cares who started it?!

It's music!

Sex Pistols. And in the UK. You think main character Stevo cares about that? He doesn't. What kind of punk is he, you ask? He's a real punk. On the anarchy in the United Kingdom, he does not care just because he's from Salt Lake City, later known as the site of the Olympic Games in 2002, but before that was an unremarkable place. By the hero's own admission, the city is a hellhole of the highest degree, which only contributes to zero youth sentiment. Therefore, the guys make Mohawks, dye their hair in nuclear colors, listen to fierce music and jam liters of alcohol.

The film begins with a morning of two ardent representatives of the punk movement then developing in the city. Stevo, the owner of bright blue hair, who was destined by his father to go to a prestigious university, but the rebel did not want to hear about it, taking every opportunity to tell his parents about his freedom and unwillingness to part with it. The second punk from Salt Lake City is even more interesting - the owner of a Mohawk nicknamed Heroin Bob, nicknamed so not because of his addiction to drugs, but because he is wildly afraid of those very substances. This fear is greatly aided by a fear of needles, and later the viewer is lucky enough to see the heartbreaking scene of Bob's visit to the hospital, where the injections are not the only thing he needs.

Despite most of the conservative residents of slc, the guys still have their own company and social circle, which is regularly filled with new rebellious guys and girls muffling beer in this general punk frenzy. However, the mugging doesn't always work - at a band concert, Stevo gets a rather strange reaction, like "it shouldn't be like that. This event gives out in him almost a veteran of fierce movement (even punk bands succumb to him in a hellish desire to crush all), and his thoughts on poseurism and other tinsel prove - the guy in the culture seriously. But for how long?

Meanwhile, a deeper excursion into the lives and pastimes of Mr. Rebel, the viewer can vividly see that guys with Mohawks appreciate not only guys with Mohawks (pardon the tautology). Other interesting characters hang out quietly among the dirty punks - a smart-ass pointy guy (but he gives you a wild ride!) and a rich, handsome guy played by Till Schweiger. Stevo and Bob are friends with the rich guy not because of money, as it might seem, but really because of their good relationship and even tolerate his purely major pranks, like daily demonstrations of newly acquired fancy gadgets.

"Punk of Salt Lake City" is a movie without the Sex Pistols and the Ramones (although I'm lying, they are on the soundtrack), but it's still about punk culture. The lives of the guys with the Mohawks are presented in an ironic way, with humor in every second of the narrative and, for all its non-seriousness, contains a lot of good words, actions and reasoning.

It was still me, the troublemaker. One of those guys for whom my parents had so arrogantly saved the world so that we could smash it to smithereens.
I could break a lot more if I were inside the system instead of outside it.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 51.16 GB
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