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The Smurfs 2 4K 2013

The Smurfs 2 4K 2013

Raja Gosnell
Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Brendan Gleeson, Jayma Mays, Jacob Tremblay, Nancy O'Dell, Karim Babin, Gaston Morrison, Jocelyn Blanchard, Erika Rosenbaum, Carolina Bartczak, James A. Woods, Henri Pardo, Vanessa Matsui, Dusan Dukic.
IMDB 5.3
File Size: 52.54 GB
Film Description
Gargamel creates Strong and Zanosa like two drops of water resembling smurfs, an evil couple hoping to gain magical power. When he finds out that only a real Smurf can give him what he wants, and only Smurfetta can turn Strong and Painted into real Smurfs, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfetta and takes her to Paris, planning to make her his maid. But the Smurfs - Papa, Rastyapa, Grumpy, Handsome - and their friends from New York will not leave it like that.

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...That's what I said after I left this good cartoon combining family comedy. Although it is a sin to conceal - with a humorous component of the second part of the problems do not have any, especially when annealed in the end, the main villain, falling from the height of the Eiffel Tower - it looked comical, but at the same time fun that laughed all the hall so that silenced the film itself. Although I rarely watch cartoons in movies (after 'Turbo 3D' it was the second time), but it didn't prevent me from relaxing and enjoying watching them before working weekdays.

The second part of the adventures of the cute blue forest creatures smurfs, which collected a slightly larger budget compared to the first part, prepared for us new adventures and adventures, and this time in the romantic city of lights - in Paris. But I will not be discussing the budget, as many people like to do, but the very picture of Raji Gosnell.

For starters, a little retreat.

The first part, alas and ah, has not yet looked, but seeing the ratio of positive and negative reviews on the first part, came to the conclusion that the cartoons have reached an unjustified criticism, and after reading a few negative reviews, I was in a slight perplexity, at least - so I wanted to say: 'People, you got the wrong cartoon and the wrong came! Or so: 'Make a film yourself, and then talk!' Once again I am amazed with our Russian natural curiosity - everyone is looking for, digging and what's most amazing, find some subjective details, and even with such energy that sometimes you get a diva - this energy would be for the benefit of society, as one famous satirist said, mocking America (I think, understood who I mean). I didn't think that such a harmless children's kind and beautiful cartoon would get so unexpectedly low and barely surpass the mark of 50, the percentage - 62.3%, that I decided to understand and run through these very 'red' reviews, in which I saw such banal criticism, that it would be better if I did not see it.

Here, for example, take the words with the prefix 'SMURF' in both parts of the painting, which twist mother words according to the opinions of some 'gifted' virtuosos of the Russian language... And then what? Maybe you can also say that this is stupidity? As for me and other viewers who liked the cartoon, it's a kind of creative feature of the cartoon, and I think that the 100 percent success and for it I and some viewers applauded standing up after the session. What are the two slogans in the first and second parts - 'What Smurf are we doing here?' and 'Seeing Paris and... smurf! - is a truly original, smiling and positive, verbal technique using the word part of the title. And as for the cartoon itself, it's a really full-blown sequel, not some piece of more than two hours long, hanging in weightlessness apart from the first part and not in any way matching the first part. Yes, maybe the cartoon turned out in places with naive to holes humor, but what it is, you can see with the naked eye.

Speaking of humor. Someone in the review mentioned a phrase from the cartoon series 'South Park' - that's where our diggers and searchers of details had to go - and believe me, there is a lot of toilet humor with his head, sorry for the irony. I'll even say more - you'll sit there like you've been dumped in the toilet with that very head in the literal sense of the word. Where's the toilet humor in that cartoon? Right, it just doesn't exist, and I don't think turning Patrick's stepfather into a duck is toilet humor. So let's be honest with ourselves - you don't have to look for something that doesn't exist and by definition can't.

About the idiocy that is filled with the main villain in the person of actor Hank Azaria - very ambiguous, on a thin, so to speak. But agree, the villain must be not only evil, but also comical - it's not an action movie and not a thriller with horrors of any, but like a family animated comedy. Maybe this most comic in the villain and passed a lot of the mark 'Too much', but still turned out funny, damn it. After all, the good laughter of children and some parents is not proof of what I said.

Well, now for the cartoon itself.

In the story, everything is simple, without any foolish excesses - a trip to another city through a portal in search of the missing Smurfetta, kidnapped by Gargamel, negative smurfs, hoping to find out the secret family formula of Papa Smurf. The dynamics of the plot is at an altitude, the logic of each next frame is present in full and makes you watch what is happening through 3D glasses with great interest. The storyline itself is divided into separate scenes and adventures of individual characters joining together closer to the end of the picture - this is a definite plus, as it is done with the expectation that it was not boring and was not too strong linearity.

In terms of animation and graphics is not something to say, to write me lazy, because everything is on top (always this trump ace worked and forced the audience to attract another trump ace - it's the plot and morality, which I will talk about below). The team of animation artists has worked on the glory that the first part, the second part - the equally beautiful forest landscape and the atmosphere of New York and Paris admire the accuracy of all the details.

There are no irregularities and complaints about the voice of the cartoon characters, although only Smurfetta's voice will be recognized from all the voices, in which Nyusha Shurochkina will be recognized or just Nyusha - a singer with a strong voice and just a beautiful girl. But this is just a formality, and she is nothing compared to such a colorful animated story.

What a moral... And it is simple - it does not matter whether you have parents or not, the important thing is that you are primarily a person and you have the right to family and friends who will always understand you, forgive you and support you.

Sweet, kind, funny (albeit with a little bit of naivety) cartoon. Recommended for watching.
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English, English SDH, French, Spanish

File size: 52.54 GB
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