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Police Story 4K 1985 CHINESE

Police Story 4K 1985 CHINESE

Jackie Chan, Chi-Hwa Chen
Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Yuen Chor, Bill Tung, Ken Tong, Kwok-Hung Lam, Chi-Wing Lau, Charlie Cho, Hing-Yin Kam, Mars, Hark-On Fung, Yun-Kin Chow, Paul Wong, Fat Wan, Tai-Bo, Leung Siu, Fung Woo.
IMDB 7.5
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Film Description
As a result of a successful raid, drug mafia boss Chee is caught by the police. Police officer Kevin, who was directly involved in the arrest, is assigned to protect the criminal's secretary, who is the main witness in the case. But on the day of the trial she disappears. Only by finding the girl and arresting Chi will Kevin be able to clear himself of suspicion of complicity.

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"Police Story" is undoubtedly one of Jackie Chan's best and most driving films. Gone are the days when the famous Chinese nugget's arm and leg sweeps exploded the imagination of martial arts fans. Jackie has grown old, he went to work in America... His creativity has lost its identity over the past few years, and it has lost a lot. But once at the turn of the 90s, then on the wave of crazy craze shot one after another Chinese action films, Jackie said in an interview that soon plans to quit acting, and only engage in producing and directing, as well as raise a couple of students, giving them all their skills, knowledge and abilities.

As you can see, went another way Jackie. He went to Hollywood. At first he shot a good action movies like "showdown in the Bronx," with its still immutable style, its inherent dynamism, cheerful "Chaplin" humor and mind-boggling stunts. He even brought the same actors with him. But time was taking its toll: Jackie's hands and feet were no longer the same. And the computer graphics, on the contrary, were getting better from year to year. And now we no longer see that Jackie Chan, who made us fold with laughter, freeze in delight watching the deadly tricks, and gasp every time he saw the painfully familiar (Chinese!) cheerful face of a man-rocket.

Back then, in the 80's, there was still a "golden" period in his work. Completely independent of anyone, Jackie suddenly realized where to look for happiness, he found his gold mine and made no mistake. As a result, he radically changed the concept of Chinese cinema. He created his own unique style. The level of dynamics set in the 80′s in his movies was unthinkable in the welfare of Hollywood until the advent of the 21st century. But even now, hardly anyone can surpass it, if only because no one would seriously risk his life for the sake of the movie.

"Police Story" is extremely action-packed. As in other Chan films of these years, you get the impression that there is too much action in the film, so that all the scenes had to be compressed to a certain extent in the end. It seems that the action is rushed and hurried everywhere, but the plot does not suffer from the excessive dynamics.
From the first minutes the hero Jackie Kevin wins the viewer's attention. Endowed with the standard "Jackiechan" set of qualities: hyperactivity, honesty, kindness, emotionality, resourcefulness, a keen sense of justice, and an excellent sense of humor - he makes us feel for him, carefully follow his decisions and actions. But the hero Jackie is not the only bright spot on the gray background, as it sometimes happens in Hollywood action films. He is the soloist of a whole ensemble of vividly memorable characters. All, from the witness he defends to the chief of police are interesting in their own way. Is that why the film abounds in vivid memorable dialogues? They are spoken briskly, though, at times a little bit pretentiously, but there is a certain charm in it.

In the "Police Story", as in other pictures of Jackie adjacent to the two origins - humor and action.

Jackie's humor is always good. After all, he has a lot in common with Charlie Chaplin's humor. I would even say more: you can feel a kinship with Gaidaev's and Louis de Funès' humor. That's why it's always fresh, always in demand, and accessible to all ages. And scenes like the one when Kevin and his comrade are playing an attack on the witness, scenes of quarrels with the girl-friend, with the dictaphone in court, with the car driving with the defective handbrake embellish even the best masterpieces of the comedy genre.
Despite the deliberately light-hearted narrative format, "Police Story" also boasts some drama. Anyway, when Kevin, in desperation, takes his boss prisoner, you believe him. The man's had it coming. There's no falsity, no contrivance.
Above all praise in "Police Story" and the main element of a truly "Jackiechan" movie - the fighting. I heard that after this movie, all the stunt agencies in Hong Kong refused to work with Jackie, resulting in his having to create their own. And it was because of what to abandon. After all, Jackie is not only that, like the last kamikaze ready to break his neck for one fleeting beautiful shot, so still forced others to do the same.

But not for nothing were the bones broken and brains scattered!

Throughout the movie flashes every now and then stunts of varying difficulty, from the unusual overcoming of obstacles and ending with an emergency parking lot at the courthouse. In fact, the movie itself starts with one huge chase, and further on, the zebra-striped calm scenes alternate with high-quality swashbuckling, after which you just remember the Batman and Brussels sprouts (of the same 80s) as bedtime stories for kids, like misunderstandings.

The real cop, there he is! In Hong Kong! You'll have to watch his movements! I don't want to break my eyes.

The beauty of Jackie Chan's battles can only be felt by watching the film several times. But it is only at the end of the story that you realize that everything that has happened before is just a warm-up. For in the mall Kevin makes such a mess that you want to jump out of your chair, jump in the screen and join this grandiose action. Anyone who has seen the scene where Kevin is killed by his enemies with a hanger will understand me.

Looking at Jackie Chan's characters, you begin to wonder: where is the limit of human potential? There isn't one! - Kevin is constantly talking about jumping from one floor to another, breaking through thick store glass with his head, doing pirouettes in the air like there's no gravity anymore. And it's all natural, without computers and cables. Why else would this guy have over 60 fractures in his career?

"Police Story" is a classic. Many of Jackie's other films in the '80s were made in the same style as it. The secret of his success wasn't just the tremendous energy he put out onto the screen. It was his personality, his refusal to imitate anybody or anything but his genuine craftsmanship, the cohesion of his team and the uncanny willingness to stop at nothing to achieve a goal - that's why his films will never get old, that's why all of Hollywood is now trying to replicate what Jackie did.

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Info Blu-ray
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