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Beverly Hills Cop II 4K 1987

Beverly Hills Cop II 4K 1987

USA     Movies / Comedy 4K
Tony Scott
Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Jürgen Prochnow, Ronny Cox, John Ashton, Brigitte Nielsen, Allen Garfield, Dean Stockwell, Paul Reiser, Gilbert R. Hill, Paul Guilfoyle, Robert Ridgely, Brian Edward O'Connor, Alice Adair, Eugene Butler, Glenn Withrow, Stephen Liska, Gilbert Gottfried.
IMDB 6.5
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Film Description
A continuation of the exploits of the cheerful and resourceful policeman Axel to catch criminals. A sexy blonde and a group of gangsters rob a jewelry store. But the indefatigable Axel is here as there, on guard of order and the law.

Further, as it should be in a police comedy, the dynamic plot unfolds more and more rapidly, the chases and shootouts follow one after another, the dashing slaughter is replaced by funny, though sometimes crude jokes.

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The first part was a brilliant film directed by the excellent Martin Brest and played by the hilarious Eddie Murphy. The expected sequel didn't have Martin Brest, but Eddie Murphy did, and another very good and beloved director came in - Tony Scott, who had previously made "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise (the film grossed an incredible 24 times the amount it cost to make). What came out of it? They didn't add any fresh jokes - in fact, the film creators kept the best things from the first part (though they sprinkled them a little) having relied on the time-proved methods of making the audience laugh, but they added some action shot in Tony Scott's favorite dynamic manner that did nothing but good for the film.

Everything seems to be fine. All but not all. The film lacks something in comparison to the first part. It does not look so funny and funny. Let's try to find out what is the reason. The first part started with a great scene with wonderful humor where Eddie Murphy "rocked out", and then the whole thing continued with a chase which set you in a certain mood: a light dynamic film with excellent humor. The sequel, on the other hand, begins with a rather banal scene of a perfectly ordinary jewelry store robbery, and the operation is led by some ugly, long woman - which sets the mood in a completely opposite way.

Then, however, there's a pretty good introduction by Axel Foley, who gets a new red Ferrari (replacing the old Chevy Nova from Part I) and a decent suit. But none of this compares to the beginning of Part I. Then there's a rather long plot twist - funny at times, but nothing more. In the end, the movie doesn't gain momentum until about 20 minutes in, when Foley arrives in Beverly Hills.

There will be strippers dancing again in the movie. They are beautiful girls, of course, but they don't move as gracefully as the lovely dancer from the first picture. And there are several of them already, but it is the case when the main thing is quality, not quantity. But there is another scene in the movie where the girls move very well - I mean the girls playing volleyball in bikinis.

There is also more divorce in this movie, played by Axel Foley. Some great scenes can be recalled here such as: Axel's "free rent" of someone else's house for an entire week; the plutonium nitrate stunt; John Taggart's introduction of President Ford; well, what's without the scene in which Axel impersonates a pool cleaner; and the divorce with fines to use the computer (incidentally, Gilbert Gottfried plays this scene absolutely roofie), all of which can be reviewed endlessly. And how not to mention the final shootout - it's beautifully filmed, effective and humorous.

The actors work their butts off here, and I won't even mention Eddie Murphy - he's the king. I say so little about the other actors because Eddie outshines them, but that doesn't mean they play worse - they play brilliantly, but to play the way Murphy does is just impossible.

If it weren't for the weak beginning and the nasty aunt who is the main villain, the movie might have turned out even better than the first part. But the second film is inferior by quite a bit. I enjoyed spending a little over an hour and a half with the already beloved and so lovable characters. The film lifts your spirits and makes you feel optimistic and nostalgic, because nowadays they do not make such comedies. I recommend everyone to watch it without exception.

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File size: 57.50 GB
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