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Another 48 Hrs. 4K 1990

Another 48 Hrs. 4K 1990

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Walter Hill
Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Brion James, Kevin Tighe, Ed O'Ross, David Anthony Marshall, Andrew Divoff, Bernie Casey, Brent Jennings, Ted Markland, Tisha Campbell, Felice Orlandi, Edward Walsh, Page Leong, Cathy Haase, Dennis Hayden, Kelly L. Goodman, Hoke Howell.
IMDB 5.9
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Film Description
The crowd is after Reggie's head. The bus he's riding in flips over 17 times. His expensive Porsche turns into a pile of metal. The scumbags at the bar don't yet know how dangerous it is to annoy Reggie. And the night is just beginning. In those 48 hours, Reggie and Jack turn San Francisco upside down in pursuit of the elusive drug lord.

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The second installment of the iconic and benchmark action comedy film '48 Hours' did not appear until eight years after the original was released. In that time a lot of water has flowed - Noltee has aged, many great films have appeared in the action genre, including Hill's imitations, Hill himself has made some great films, and Eddie Murphy has become the best-paid, most famous and beloved comedian in the world in those 8 years since his chic debut.

The second film, however, turned out to be as good, maybe even better than the first one, precisely because now Reggie Hammond, played by Murphy, was in the leading positions in it, the character of Nolte became a secondary figure, so the film got more comic bias than the first one. However, it is just for our benefit - the movie leaves us with a lot of positive emotions. In spite of the fact that the plot is almost identical to the first part (including the beginning and the end), everything is shot very well - dynamically, effectively, with humor.

The humor is excellent - if laughter really gets you through life, you may regularly watch this film for prophylaxis - the skirmishes between Murphy and Nolti, and Murphy's constant improvisations with bar stiffs, cops, ex-boyfriends and girls just spurt with wit and fervor. Murphy has matured noticeably, matured, become a real pro - almost all of his jokes hit the mark.

Long-necked, bumbling Nolte, after eight years of heavy drinking, looks somewhat shabby and loses heavily to the charming and cheerful Murphy. Unlike the first movie, here their duet is unequal - Murphy is a clear leader of the movie. However, his charisma and husky voice still do their job, and Nolte still comes across as a real 'tough' cop.

Of course, there are bright, charismatic psycho villains, beautiful girls, chases, fights, shootings, broken windows and corrupt cops in the film. You can't do without that. But with this team and in the hands of Walter Hill, the film was not a weak shadow of the original and a commercial repetition of what had passed - it became quite an independent and excellent film, perfect in its genre, with a great Murphy-Nolti couple who would turn any case into a real circus attraction. Especially Eddie Meerfi. Reggie Hammond is one of the great comedian's most striking and memorable roles.

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English, English SDH, French, German, Japanese, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 57.08 GB
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