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Rambo: First Blood Part II 4K 1985

Rambo: First Blood Part II 4K 1985

George P. Cosmatos
Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Charles Napier, Steven Berkoff, Julia Nickson, Martin Kove, George Cheung, Andy Wood, William Ghent, Voyo Goric, Dana Lee, Baoan Coleman, Steve Williams, Don Collins, Christopher Grant...
IMDB 6.4
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Film Description
Best 4k movies quality remux, film of Rambo: First Blood Part II 1985. John Rambo is serving a sentence in a high-security prison. He reconciled with his fate, but despite his position, he continues to honor the basic commandments of the military fraternity: to trust a partner, to cover his back, to give his life for him and his country.
When Colonel Trautman, the former combat commander of Rambo, invites him to go to Vietnam, to a special operation to rescue the American soldiers remaining in captivity, he agrees without hesitation.

4k movie reviews
"First Blood" turned out to be a very successful military drama with Sylvester Stallone as the "war hero" John Rambo, who, upon returning home, turned out to be unnecessary. However, the dramatic finale, in which his only friend, Colonel Trautman, persuaded John to surrender to the authorities so that the entire hostile population could not be killed, served as the basis for the continuation. The second part of the "First Blood" unexpectedly begins in a colony of strict regime, where the main character is serving a sentence. From the very first minutes, the movie tunes to a completely different tune - we understand that there will be a pure fighter, equal in entertainment which was not seen at that time.

So, the scenario for the second part was not difficult to come up with - since John Rambo is the ideal death machine from Vietnam, the military command came up with a plan to send him there once more to rescue prisoners of war. After all, no one knows those jungles and methods of combat in any conditions better than him. Naturally, "born in war" Rambo unbearably crush the stones in the camp, and he agrees, because Colonel Trautman, we can say, saved him in the first part. It's impossible to say for certain whether the change of director went to the benefit of the sequel, but George Pan Kosmatos was created by one of the most spectacular and 100% American 80s action films.

The action begins after only 5-10 minutes from the initial credits and then does not stop until the very end. Starting from the unsuccessful disembarkation (which is strange in the case of Rambo) and ending with crazy helicopter duels. Particularly memorable is the capture of John himself as a prisoner because of the obvious betrayal on the part of those who started the whole operation. Torture with electricity repeated in the future in large numbers in a variety of similar militants, but Stallone, one might say, was the first. And the seriousness of the situation was spoiled by the "bad Russians" along with the Vietcong villains. Yes, they picked up the monotonous "heroic" music, which in the end even begins to bother.

In the original, this would be unacceptable. If the topic of loneliness and disregard on the part of the country was revealed there, then the eerie "American cinema ideology" fully manifested itself, according to which the United States turned out to be the victors in the war in an unthinkable way, although everyone knows that it is not. In fact, from that moment it began - some remnants of the Red Army led by colonels, who still wear red stars on their foreheads and on their chests. But all this is shown in the action movie in such a way that the hero Stallone is the only positive character among the crazed insanity. The theme of the villains was presented as it should, Rambo destroys them in the number of hundreds (!) In various ways, shoots, blows up, cuts, pierces with arrows of his giant crossbow.

What the Americans have done in this film is called in one word - slaughter. Rambo no matter how many opponents and who they are - it is necessary to save prisoners of war, and for this he will spread the whole Viet Cong camp. By the way, the scene with the helicopter is the most spectacular, it has not been repeated so far. Otherwise, this is a classic fighter with Sylvester Stallone - his fair and simple character against a whole army of villains, eventually covered in mud and blood, but the undisputed winner in a small war unleashed by military command. The last pretentious speech compared to the finals of the "First Blood" does not fit into any gate, but this is not the main thing for us, especially in the American-patriotic action movie. John Rambo himself and a half hour of an insane thriller - that's why we watched this movie, God knows how many times.

In my opinion, "Rambo" from the drama in this continuation turned into 100% "American patriotism", which, however, did not prevent him from becoming one of the most expensive and entertaining fighters of the 80s.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 53.34 GB
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