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London Has Fallen 4K 2016

London Has Fallen 4K 2016

Babak Najafi
Alon Aboutboul, Waleed Zuaiter, Adel Bencherif, Mehdi Dehbi, Shivaani Ghai, Martin Petrushev, Owen Davis, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Wildman, Radha Mitchell, Lucy Newman-Williams, Julian Kostov, Stacy Shane, Penny Downie.
IMDB 5.9
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Film Description
Watch the new release 4k movies. All films are loaded in 4K Remux quality, on site The film begins in London, where the British Prime Minister dies under mysterious circumstances. The funeral is certainly attended by the leaders of the Western world. But what began as the safest event on earth is turning into a most dangerous assassination attempt on the world's most powerful leaders, which in turn threatens the future of the entire world. Only three people remain hopeful of averting a catastrophe: the US president, his faithful assistant, a secret service agent, and an English MI6 agent who trusts no one.

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In 2013, the action movie Antoine Fuqua about the seizure of the White House by North Korean terrorists, who are famously cracked down by Secret Service agent Mike Benning, more than doubled its budget at the box office. Even a somewhat similar film by Roland Emmerich "Storming the White House", where an experienced master of large-scale disaster films, seriously reduced the degree of jingoistic patriotism with humor and bright heroes, did not stop him.

The sequel to The Fall of Olympus was certainly not far off. But Antoine Fuqua refused to stage the production, considering the script stupid, but the Iranian emigrant Babak Najafri took over the baton. Before that, Najafri shot a completely different movie, and here is an interesting observation - directors from a completely different camp often turn out to be more wealthy in staging action films than the recognized masters, to whom Antoine Fouqua belongs.

The director, along with five screenwriters, seriously reworked the original message about a secret service agent who costs an entire army. Gerard Butler's character does not have the charm that John McClane has, which is why you believe in Die Hard, but Antoine Fuqua's film is difficult.

The rescue of the president from the hands of terrorists in a foreign city is arranged by Najafri with less pathos. Each link of the president's security does its job, and Mike Benning no longer seems so invincible, having got to London, where he knows nothing. He's scared, survives only by a miracle, and talk of the greatness of the United States is reduced to the final speech of Vice President Alan Trumble, justifying the invasion of other countries by protecting democracy.

Coming from a completely different environment, Babak Najafri knows the Middle East well and, as far as the genre allows, paints a different picture of the troubles befalling the United States. The main villain dreams of revenge on the Western world for the murder of his daughter with an American drone. In war, all means are good, so representatives of good do not choose means and are not at all afraid of accidental victims. The leaders of the terrorists are not brought out by complete villains - they have their own truth, and this clash of worldviews is much more interesting than the straightforward action of the original.

From a visual point of view, Najafri's work is all the more good. Made as a shooter, in real time, the sequel will inevitably make you empathize with heroes whose goal is to get out of a city completely occupied by terrorists. In some ways, the film even inherits the classic action movie Escape from New York, where the main character also saved the president. But even more in it from video games, the film adaptations of which are now very popular.

Knowing the third part, it is all the more interesting to trace how elements of criticism of US foreign policy develop in the triquel almost into a parable about the relativity of good and evil in a multipolar world. Perhaps the time of aggression is really over, and the dialogue will lead to a good result much faster than a stupid demonstration of power.

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Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

German: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)

English, German.

File size: 47.34 GB
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