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Johnny English Strikes Again 4K 2018

Johnny English Strikes Again 4K 2018

David Kerr
Kevin Eldon, Emma Thompson, Adam James, Rowan Atkinson, Noah Spiers, Kendra Mei, Alfie Kennedy, Jasmine Brightmore, George Turner, Rua Robertson, Adam Greaves-Neal, Nifemi Bankole, Gus Brown, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Michael Gambon...
IMDB 6,2
File Size: 37,92 GB
Film Description
4k movies this week of Johnny English Strikes Again 2018. When all the agents of Her Majesty's secret service suddenly fail, a fallback comes into play. A sample of the English style and the favorite of fatal beauties; the king of hopeless situations and the keeper of analog traditions in the digital world, agent Johnny English is the pain and pride of British intelligence. This guy has something to shake up, and he shakes up not childishly.

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Review of the film "Agent Johnny English 3. x"
Half a century ago, the whole world is a fan of pompous films about spies of various special services. But now only Bondian remains faithful to this tradition, and all other franchises of a similar subject matter were either conceived as banter over the genre, or in time passed on self-irony. The first "Johnny English" was one of the founders of the parody genre. The years went by, the genre changed, and the series of films about the British loser agent remained the same. Perhaps the main problem of the third part is that it is simply lost against the background of more original paintings of this parody genre. Probably the only thing that adds charisma and smell to the tape is Rowan Atkinson. But first things first!

To begin with, "Johnny English 3.0" is a movie with Rowan Atkinson. Well, what's wrong with that? Yes, the fact that the actor has comedic image, on which directors put. If you watched the TV series "Mr. Bean" and one of the previous parts of this series of films, then you understand what image I'm talking about. The actor specially replays and grimaces, which gives the film a note of the absurd and a parody basis. If you are ready to put up with a program and even laugh at it, then any movie with Rowan is at your service. But if you do not like the "interactive comedies", then you are unlikely to enjoy at least one film with Atkinson.

You know, I could on this and finish the review, but before moving on to the result, I should note two things - music and acting. I'll start with the first one! The theme of Inglish after the film will definitely sit in your head because of its memorability. What about acting? Atkinson's ape is still delivered, Olga Kurylenko is charming as always, and Ben Miller did his best 100% and showed once again that his acting career is full of different roles.

To summarize, "Johnny English 3.0" is a good one-time comedy, but above all a film with Rowan Atkinson. No matter what anyone says, and Rowan - this whole era in the genre of comedy films. Recently, the actor rarely filmed in the full-length movie. So go to the new "Johnny English" you need at least for the sake of Atkinson.

7 out of 10

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English: DTS:X
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Info Blu-ray
File size: 37,92 GB
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