Three Colors: Blue 4K 1993 FRENCH big poster
Three Colors: Blue 4K 1993 FRENCH
Three Colors: Blue 4K 1993 FRENCH

Three Colors: Blue 4K 1993 FRENCH

Krzysztof Kieslowski
Juliette Binoche, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Julie Delpy, Benoît Régent, Florence Pernel, Charlotte Véry, Hélène Vincent, Philippe Volter, Claude Duneton, Hugues Quester, Emmanuelle Riva, Florence Vignon, Daniel Martin, Jacek Ostaszewski, Catherine Therouenne, Yann Trégouët, Alain Ollivier, Isabelle Sadoyan.
IMDB 7.9
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Film Description
The story of a young woman who miraculously survived a car accident, but lost her husband - a famous composer - and her five-year-old daughter.

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Speaking about this trilogy, people most often, following the director Krzysztof Kislewski, try to rethink in a broader vision the color symbolism of the French Revolution. Blue is freedom, white is equality, red is brotherhood. Having watched all three films, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to speak here not so much about revolutionary symbols as about human, general cultural ones. I will try to present my thoughts on this matter here.

Turning on my imagination, I see before me three old women Moir - goddesses from ancient Greek myth, sitting by a cave and weaving threads of human destinies. One old woman is dressed in a blue hoodie, another grandmother is in a completely white suit, and the third old woman is wearing a red court robe ... Moira is not kind, not evil, but with a wild imagination! They sit by the fire, hum some strange melody, accompanying the heavenly "harmony of spheres", talk, come up with different plot twists in people's lives, weave intricate patterns, if knots come across, try to untie them, if it doesn't work out, they simply cut the thread. And at the same moment someone's life ends on earth ...

So Blue.

The film began with an impartial old woman in a blue hoodie breaking two strings off-screen. One thread was woven into an intricate, knotted, large life pattern, and the second was at the very beginning of the delicate lace. The first thread cut a man's life, the second thread cut his daughter's life. But there was one more thread left nearby, which was not broken. The life of a woman. The life of a wife and mother.

And the viewer, together with this woman, is trying to figure out, but how can she go on living? What is the meaning of her future life without her husband and daughter?

Julie is a strong woman. She does not cry, does not fight in hysterics, she silently and outwardly calmly does what she considers necessary for herself. Having lived for many years next to her husband, a composer, talented, but at the same time rather helpless in everyday life, Julie learned to make decisions on her own, always helping her husband in everything. For many years she lived, giving herself completely to the altar of his music. He consulted with her about his work and she greatly influenced the way his music became as a result. In addition to music, there was also a daughter, a lovely girl, a child of love with her husband, a child whose short life was cut short in that unfortunate car accident.

Julie was left completely alone with her grief. The depth of her grief was as great as the Mariana Trench in the ocean, she was as dark as night water. A blue universal longing spread in the woman's eyes. And in order to break free from the tenacious paws of melancholy, Julie decides to completely break all the threads with her past life, decides to herself be in the role of the arbiter of her own destiny.

She leaves the old family mansion, destroys the remaining music manuscripts of her husband, rents an apartment in a completely different area, acquires new acquaintances, neighbors, takes with her only a few personal things, including a wonderful lamp with graceful crystal pendants made of blue-blue crystals. This thing is too dear to her. And she alone will have to remind her of the past.

New streets, new people, new experiences, new gym and swimming pool, new outdoor cafes where you can have a cup of coffee and think about something of your own ...

But ... Why does the anxiety not leave her? Why does longing and memory choke her over and over again? Why every night she needs to rush headlong into the dark blue surface of the pool, plunging into this cool saving blue and swim-swim, winding long kilometers from side to side again and again ...

Why here, many kilometers from the old house and past life, sitting at a table in a pleasant street cafe, she suddenly hears music that excites her soul? Why would a street musician-saxophonist come here every day and play such a well-known melody written by her husband?

Why does she see TV shows about her famous, tragically dead husband? Why does she only now, when nothing can be changed, learns facts from his life that she would not need to know? Why does she need all this ???

Why would a close friend of their family have undertaken to finish writing an unfinished symphony? You can't touch this. It hurts too much. It's too deep ... It's like a knife through the heart. Pain. One big pain.

Apparently, in that life there were questions that did not tolerate a temporary delay. And Julie, pulling herself together, trying to keep her heavy thoughts and bitter emotions under control, begins, as before, to solve the accumulated problems. And she solves them with her inherent wisdom, kindness and love. There is no bitterness in her for the whole world. Yes, she is bitter, she feels bad, but she does not see enemies in people who hit her ... And this is simply amazing! Not every person, finding himself in such a situation, could remain a noble person to the end! (I personally, probably, would have messed up such firewood, for which I would not pay for the rest of my life).

Julie regains peace of mind and balance. Blue melancholy slowly receded before what is called Life! Julie's heart is open again, it beats evenly and confidently, her soul is ready for a new Love. And Love will definitely come. I'm sure. She's already knocking on the door ...

And the music, written but not finished by Julie's husband, begins to sound again. As you know, manuscripts do not burn. Music cannot be destroyed. And the melody, sometimes a transparently sad violin, then a majestic choral melody soars up into the heavenly blue, to the stars. And goosebumps run down my spine from her beauty and greatness!

P.S. And the old woman in blue, meanwhile, twisting a small knot, began to weave a new thread. A new life was born in the womb of another woman. We see a baby stirring on the blue ultrasound screen ... And this, according to the idea of ​​the old woman-fate, is a boy, the successor of the family. But that will be a completely different story ...

Speaking about the symbolism of blue - the basis of this film, I note that this color has long been considered mystical, with incredible depth. In Christianity, blue symbolized the sky, was the color of eternity. He tuned Christians to humility, piety, expressed the idea of ​​self-sacrifice and meekness ...

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English, French, French SDH.

File size: 46.86 GB
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