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Three Colors: Red 4K 1994 FRENCH

Three Colors: Red 4K 1994 FRENCH

Krzysztof Kieslowski
Irène Jacob, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Frédérique Feder, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Samuel Le Bihan, Marion Stalens, Teco Celio, Bernard Escalon, Jean Schlegel, Elzbieta Jasinska, Paul Vermeulen, Jean-Marie Daunas, Roland Carey, Brigitte Raul, Leo Ramseyer, Nader Farman, Cécile Tanner, Anne Theurillat.
IMDB 8.1
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Film Description
A beautiful model girl finds out that her new acquaintance, a retired judge, is very fond of invading the privacy of other people.

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The old woman Moira in the red court robe, keeping up with her elderly sister-goddesses, weaves a strange pattern of life. There are several threads in her hands. The life of a young girl, Valentina, a beautiful woman, a clever girl and a fashion model, the life of an elderly judge and the life of a young man who has just set foot on the path of comprehending jurisprudence.

Valentina's measured and familiar life changed when she accidentally hit a shepherd dog with sad eyes at night in a car. As a normal person with heart and soul, Valentina tries to return the wounded dog to the owner, a very unpleasant type, who immediately abandoned his pet. The girl has no choice but to take Rita to the doctor herself, who, having provided the dog with first aid, told Valentina that the victim was expecting puppies. And our heroine, without hesitation for a long time, takes the future mother to her home.

This is where Valentina's story begins. The meeting with the unfriendly owner of the wounded dog turned out to be a meeting that changed her life. Fate in the person of Rita, who ran away to the former owner, again confronts her with this person. And then Valentina accidentally finds out unsightly details from the life of this strange, reserved, malicious old man. And their dialogue begins. A conversation between a young girl and a gloomy retired judge, offended by the whole world. At the beginning of the conversation, this type seems to her simply disgusting, and all his actions are disgusting.
"Do you think I'm a bastard?" the old man asks.
"Yes ... One can feel only pity for you ..." - Valentina honestly answers.

But then this person begins to open up to her from other sides, she begins to understand his motives. And the judge in the face of the girl discovers that breath of oxygen, kindness and sincerity that he needs, which he had never hoped to meet in his life. Valentine turned out to be the very thread of Ariadne for him, grabbing onto which, the old man scrambled out of the many years of gloomy suspended animation. Thanks to his new acquaintance, he remembered that there is a normal life outside of his fenced-in area.

Arguing, trying to prove their case and sometimes offending each other, these two are trying to find the truth about what is worth living for? What is the nature of humans? Do we have the right to judge other people and pass judgment on their mistakes and wrongdoings? And thanks to these conversations, the lives of both interlocutors are filled with new meaning and new emotions.

And what, you ask, about the young lawyer? His life runs parallel to that of Valentina. They live in neighboring houses, go to the same shops and cafes, even sometimes they meet each other in the city, but do not know each other yet. The young judge Auguste is still shocked by his own personal problems and that there is such a Miracle as Valentine in the world, he has not yet guessed.

But for this there is fate and the old women of Moira, who with one wave of their hand, one movement of their fingers can change everything once and for all! And they do it.

The final shots of the trilogy are amazing! Human life turns out to be such a fragile and thin thread that even bad weather can interrupt it ... And no matter how hard thousands of people who find themselves together in the wrong place at an unfortunate hour try, no matter how they swarm and try to achieve something, prove something , one twist of fate, one snap of bony fingers, and everything will be in vain. And the strings will break.

This is fatalism. This is a kind of predetermination of life and death, which is taken out of the general framework of the trilogy ...

But while we hear a good dream: "You were 50 years old. You were happy. You woke up and smiled at someone who was next to you ... "- this dream about Valentina's future, told to her by the old judge, will definitely come true! The future of Valentina and someone who is destined for her (what if it will be our young Auguste?) Should be bright and cloudless. And we will believe in it!

The symbolism of color in this film is very expressive. Even, as it seemed to me, a little overkill. The red color itself is very bright, and all these color spots hit the eyes. But, if you approach this as an expressive final chord of the director, then everything falls into place. And Valentina's bright red sweater and a plump scarlet jacket of her young man, and a red jeep in which Auguste rolls around the city, and a choreographic hall where our heroine dances, and a theater hall where a fashion show takes place, and even a small blanket lying in a dog box, and of course a huge advertising poster with Valentina's anxious face over the city streets ...

The red color in the film is filled with deep meaning, one has only to remember that in Christianity it symbolizes the blood of Christ shed for the salvation of people, and, therefore, his love for people, and, consequently, LOVE in general.

In addition, red has long been considered the color of anxiety and anxiety among people. And I agree with this, although, contradicting me, Goethe considers pure red as a harmonious combination of poles of heat and cold, feelings and reason, and therefore the eye finds 'ideal satisfaction' in this color. Well, as they say, Goethe knows better.

Red (carmine), according to him, gives the impression of seriousness, dignity, charm and benevolence. The darker one symbolizes old age, and the light one symbolizes youth.

Speaking of purple, Goethe indicates that it is the favorite color of rulers and judges, and expresses seriousness and greatness. But if you look at the surrounding landscape through purple glass, then it appears in a terrifying form, as on the day of the "last judgment". And in this I completely agree with him.

And to you, who watched this film, Goethe's words do not remind you of anything?

Summing up the whole trilogy about colors, I will say that Kislevsky is a Genius, which are few! Each of the three films is unique in its own way!

The opening of the trilogy "Blue" carries an incredible depth of perception and sensation through sounding amazing music, through the amazing performance of Juliette Binoche, through the symbolic mystical blue color.

The second "White" film is easier to perceive, even somewhat comical, thanks to the absolutely wonderful actor Zbigniew Zamakhovsky. By the end of the film, I just fell in love with him! This film is light and transparent! The main idea - purity of thoughts and a change in life stages - is contained in the White color.

The third, final film "Red" carries in itself a true Love for people, for life through the main character Valentina, a girl with a huge heart and a beautiful soul. The idea of ​​the seriousness of relations with society and its laws, the idea of ​​fairness of judges and the correctness of sentences was conveyed to the viewer through the lips of an old judge, superbly played by Trintignant. I'm just blown away by his performance in this film!

And there is something that all three films have in common: this is Destiny. And this is the director's fatalism.

Speaking about the grades, I'll say that I don't want to look for any weak points and choose which film is more dear to me. All three films amazed me to the core. Some film is a little more, some a little less, but they are all beautiful! I will watch each of them more than once, because I am sure that in Three Colors I will find many more amazing things for myself!

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 47.49 GB
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