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Red Dawn 4K 1984

Red Dawn 4K 1984

John Milius
Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Darren Dalton, Jennifer Grey, Brad Savage, Doug Toby, Ben Johnson, Harry Dean Stanton, Ron O'Neal, William Smith, Vladek Sheybal, Powers Boothe, Frank McRae, Roy Jenson, Pepe Serna, Lane Smith.
IMDB 6.3
File Size: 68.54 GB
Film Description
On a peaceful morning from their classroom window, the students suddenly see a whole army of paratroopers land on the familiar soccer field. A military invasion of U.S. territory has begun! When foreign troops invade their town, eight teenagers flee into the mountains.

Naming their squad after their high school soccer team, the Wolverines, they start a real guerrilla war to protect their parents, their friends, and their country.

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Imagine the following picture: morning, a nice American town, happy kids (the main characters) are going to school. The lesson begins, the teacher (a Negro, by the way) talks passionately about something, and everything seems fine, but...then the Russians start falling from the sky! Hundreds of Russians. The American air defense system must have had a day off. So there you go. The teacher is clearly baffled by this state of affairs. So he goes out into the courtyard and asks: "Friends, where are you coming from? What happened?". Well, I can't tell you what happened, but the teacher died of an overdose of lead in his system. It's funny, isn't it? The first character killed in the movie is a Negro, hehe.

Meanwhile Russians are invading the town at full speed, shooting schoolchildren, blowing up school buses, setting up concentration camps, destroying children's playgrounds and trampling flowerbeds. The horror. The main characters manage to get out of the city, stock up on food and go into the mountains, because they do not want to put up with the nasty communists in their town. The boys decided to create a 'Wolverine' unit and go partisan. They were pretty good at it. For example, they sent a woman to a Soviet tank. The tankers saw her, of course, and got out of the tank and started grabbing her and generally raping her, but the woman ran away into a clear field. The tank crews followed her and died there - the cunning pupils dug holes in the field, sat there and waited for the tank crew. And such successful operations they clearly have not less than a dozen. The "green berets" were envious. So there it is.

There is also a single Soviet ZSU, which cannot shoot down a single American helicopter that stubbornly kills Soviet soldiers (what a scope, huh!); that very helicopter; Russian troops, who hardly speak Russian; a Cuban general and Ivan Grozny...that is, a Soviet general, who looks like Grozny and does not know that the Wolverine is such an animal.

That's the kind of pie. Nah, you can understand all this cranberries - it's a 1984 movie, cold war and all that. But the Cold War is kind of over, but the movie stayed. And now it looks like a comedy thrash-movie, full of cranberries and stereotypes. If you want to laugh, watch it, if you don't want to laugh, you'll laugh anyway.

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English SDH.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 68.54 GB
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