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Rain Man 4K 1988

USA     Movies / Drama 4K
Barry Levinson
Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino, Gerald R. Molen, Jack Murdock, Michael D. Roberts, Ralph Seymour, Lucinda Jenney, Bonnie Hunt, Kim Robillard, Beth Grant, Dolan Dougherty, Marshall Dougherty, Patrick Dougherty, John-Michael Dougherty, Peter Dougherty, Andrew Dougherty, Loretta Wendt Jolivette.
IMDB 8.0
File Size: 71.83 GB
Film Description
Rude and selfish young man Charlie inherited from his father only rose bushes and a 1949 Buick, and the lion's share of the inheritance goes to his autistic brother Raymond. Determined to get "his share," Charlie kidnaps his older brother. But when he discovers that Raymond has great mathematical ability, memory and attention, he decides to use this to his advantage.

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It is not necessary to ponder at length why Barry Levinson's Rain Man has become a film beloved by many audiences around the world, has unquestionably ranked among the classics of world cinema and collected a very impressive box office during its release. First of all, the picture is very accessible for any category of audience, whether they are picky art-house admirers or unpretentious fans of the mainstream. The film is addressed to everyone.

The accessibility of Barry Levinson's directorial thought along with a profound and substantial storyline, the observance of this balance throughout the entire duration of the narration provide an extremely easy perception of the film. The idea of 'Rain Man', despite its somewhat naivety, is understandable and close to everyone - it is the search for mutual understanding between people united by kinship ties, as well as the search in the corners of your soul for the previously unnoticed bright sides of character. Watching how, with every minute spent with his autistic brother, the cynical and extremely selfish young businessman Charlie Babbitt succumbs to Raymond's unintentionally positive influence is a pleasure.

Charlie Babbitt, who did not expect such changes from himself, is surprised to realize that he is far from indifferent to family ties, and childhood memories suddenly begin to take on a special value for Charlie. Barry Levinson presents the vivid transformation of the young hero's human values in an extremely accurate and measured way, with an uneven progression throughout the entire duration of the film, the director reveals to the audience all the spiritual changes that happen to Charlie in detail.

The complex, emotionally laborious multi-stage development of the close kinship between Charlie and Raymond Barry Levinson has wisely encapsulated in the stylistic form of a 'road movie'. Thanks to this visual form of plot development the story is perceived extremely directly, but at the same time very vividly imprinted in the viewer's memory as one of the most touching and controversial cinematic stories of brotherly love. The magnificent camera of John Seale cameraman spectacularly accompanies the heroes all the way along the automobile roads of the American states in an old-fashioned, but rare father's 'Buick', which becomes a certain starting point for the heroes, a reference symbol for the resurrection of the family values lost for many years.

Serious emphasis on creating psychologically accurate images of the main characters is perfectly adjacent to the kind and funny humor to tears, the sharp angles of the complex stages of the relationship prognostic in the committed acts of Charlie and autistic thinker Raymond successfully smoothed perfectly entertaining, but no less attention-grabbing scenes with the characters' attempt to "break the bank" in a casino in Las Vegas. In this regard, "Rain Man" is an excellent product of a competent synthesis of serious themes on the screen and a visually fascinating spectacle.

I agree with the majority opinion that this movie is an unqualified benefit for Dustin Hoffman, a brilliant actor who brilliantly and precisely embodied his character. Hoffman plays with inspiration, he literally lives the role, his leading actor position in the film is not even questioned by any of his colleagues. At the same time, for all the uniformity of the images created in the movies Tom Cruise, Hollywood beauty is very organic in the role of Charlie Babbitt. Not pretending to be much, Cruise perfectly complements Dustin Hoffman's spectacular solo, successfully plays on the contrasts of the two different characters, adds the necessary unloading lightness to the film.

In its short twenty-year existence the film has become an indisputable example of cinematic quality among all ever made motion pictures and all representatives of "road movie" genre. Many scenes of the film are rightly considered masterpieces in terms of their emotional impact and symbolism, impossible to erase from your memory (in particular, the scene with the dancing lesson that Charlie taught Raymond and the kissing scene in the elevator that followed, performed by Valeria Golino). And the name Rain man has already become a household name. A grandiose movie, a masterpiece.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 71.83 GB
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