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Christiane F 4K 1981 GERMAN

Christiane F 4K 1981 GERMAN

Uli Edel
Natja Brunckhorst, Eberhard Auriga, Peggy Bussieck, Lothar Chamski, Rainer Woelk, Uwe Diderich, Jan Georg Effler, Ellen Esser, Andreas Fuhrmann, Thomas Haustein, Lutz Hemmerling, Daniela Jaeger, Bernhard Janson, Jens Kuphal, Christiane Lechle, Kerstin Malessa, Christiane Reichelt, Kerstin Richter.
IMDB 7.6
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Film Description
I am Christina. I am 14 years old. Most of my friends are drug addicts. The first time I tried drugs was to understand why my boyfriend was taking them. It's been a few months since then.

I got tired of looking for a dose every day. Me and my boyfriend tried to quit. Three people I know have already died. Am I next?

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Childhood addiction is probably one of the worst problems of the 21st century. Isn't it?

Not long ago I was in Germany. My journey through Berlin began at the uninteresting Zoo station. But back then I didn't know what kind of nightmare the little girl Christiane F. experienced in these walls, along with many other teenage drug addicts.

The film, based on the diary and personal information of one Christiana Vera Felsherinov, is striking in its non-fiction reality, truthfulness and suspense, which persists until the very end of the film. Alas, it is certainly not a happy ending...

Uli Edel is a great director, and he portrays incredibly accurately the stages of destruction in the life of a schoolgirl turned drug addict. The reasons why Christiana has fallen off the straight and narrow path are incredibly simple: her family is broken up after her parents split up and her sister goes to live with her father; her mother's new beau, who tries with all his might to take her father's place in the house; her company, which, to have a good time, must do shots; and finally a boyfriend who also tries to addicted to hard drugs.

Yes, the plot does not particularly shine with originality. Films like 'Requiem for a Dream' or 'Trainspotting' were made and will be made as long as the problem of drug addiction is still relevant. But still, the film is shocking. In every way. It is worth noting that it was banned from being shown in many countries of the world.

Separately, we should discuss the actors. Natia Brunkhorst, despite her very young age, perfectly and truthfully played a girl in a difficult psychological role. And she deserves special praise for that.

I cannot say that I particularly liked Detleaf. A faded, weak-willed hero. But the very fact that even in such a life situation love was possible...

What am I saying? What kind of love when he goes to bed with lustful homosexuals to get money for a dose? But at least Christiana said she was doing everything for him. Did we hear that from Detleaf? Alas, no.

The character of Bubsy, an equally juvenile drug addict, brought some new color to the picture. Completely innocent, angelic face looks terrifying in the company of cigarettes and drugs.

There is a lot more to say on the subject of this film. Of course, it's worth mentioning that the characters in this film are not fictional, as we are assured at the end when the credits show the names of those (namely Babsy, Axet and others) who were less fortunate in life than Christiane, who, despite everything, still got out of that nightmare and now lives in a small Berlin apartment, raising a 12-year-old son. And I'm sure she won't let him repeat the mistakes of his youth.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 40.28 GB
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