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The Apartment 4K 1960

The Apartment 4K 1960

Billy Wilder
Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray, Ray Walston, Jack Kruschen, David Lewis, Hope Holiday, Joan Shawlee, Naomi Stevens, Johnny Seven, Joyce Jameson, Willard Waterman, David White, Edie Adams, Dorothy Abbott, Bill Baldwin, Paul Bradley, Benny Burt.
IMDB 8.3
File Size: 82.97 GB
Film Description
Baxter, a modest employee of an insurance company, lends the keys to his bachelor apartment not only to buddies who want to "take a walk on the side," but also to his boss in order to get ahead in his career. When things start going well, the unexpected happens: Baxter falls in love with the boss's mistress.

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When you watch old Hollywood movies, you cannot help but regret that nowadays the incredibly touching, kind, intelligent movies with a great script and brilliant acting have been replaced by high-budget Hollywood empty movies, stuffed with special effects and sugary cliches, and sometimes completely devoid of any sense and content at all, and you don't want to talk about the acting, or rather the lack of it at all.

Of course, this does not apply to absolutely everything that is produced in our time at the Dream Factory, but for the most part, a good movie nowadays is rather an exception to the rule.

The Apartment' is a beautiful film, full of curiosities and sparkling humor, with many colorful characters. The main character's career is in the center of the narrative - for which he has to pay sometimes too high a price, because from the moment his professional affairs went uphill, his personal life became less and less his own, because the one who deals with your promotion can ask you at any time (even at midnight) to leave your comfortable home for a while (you can't take your mistress home, especially since there is such a reliable 'employee'), otherwise goodbye to another promotion, and then you might have to start all over again.

Also, how to be, if the girl from whom you are crazy about, is the mistress of your boss (and she was not the first, and not the last, fed with empty promises of a happy future a family life together after all the issues with the divorce will be settled). And in exchange for his protection, the boss also, like many others, will ask for the keys to your apartment. That's the main character's dilemma: "What's more important - love or your career?" What will he choose in the end is obvious, but how he comes to it all...

It's a great movie. Smart, funny, touching... Jack Lemmon did a wonderful job as the young and enterprising careerist in love with the elevator operator and the boss's mistress, wonderfully portrayed onscreen by Shirley MacLaine. And of course, there are a lot of colorful supporting characters, but none the less important, such as the main character's neighbors, the boss and the lesser 'patronizing do-gooders'.

There are no special effects, no chases, no murders, but you don't need them here. But there is definitely charm in this movie, and that is what makes a really good movie.

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English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
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English SDH.

File size: 82.97 GB
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