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Some Like It Hot 4K 1959

Some Like It Hot 4K 1959

USA     Movies / Drama 4K
Billy Wilder
Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Pat O'Brien, Joe E. Brown, Nehemiah Persoff, Joan Shawlee, Billy Gray, George E. Stone, Dave Barry, Mike Mazurki, Harry Wilson, Beverly Wills, Barbara Drew, Edward G. Robinson Jr., Sam Bagley, Brandon Beach.
IMDB 8.2
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Film Description
When Chicago musicians Joe and Jerry accidentally witness a gang shootout, they rush off on a train to Florida, pretending to be women. Now they are Josephine and Daphne, new and pretty instrumentalists of a female jazz band.

For the time being, their disguise works. But soon the loving soloist falls in love with Josephine, "disguised" as a man, the elderly millionaire drives up to Daphne, and the mafia boss, having unraveled the mystery of the masquerade, decides to urgently deal with the witnesses.

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Well, who hasn't heard about this film - two steps forward! What, there aren't any? And somehow I'm not surprised at all.

"Only Girls in Jazz" (or "Some Like It Hot") is a childhood movie for some, a youth movie for someone, a life movie for someone. Voted the funniest movie ever made by the American Film Institute, this scintillating comedy is loved by millions of viewers around the world. And for some reason I am not surprised by this fact again!

"Why," you ask? And the fact is that recently I have become an ardent fan of this movie. It's hard for me to believe that someone can categorically dislike him. But on the other hand, I am firmly convinced that my love for this film, which has not yet been tested by time, will only grow stronger over the years. And if "Some Like It Hot" did not become one of my favorite (despite the constant TV shows) films of my childhood, then in the future I promise myself to catch up by watching this wonderful, bright, delightful movie again and again!

A lightweight, genre-filled crime-comedy romantic plot immerses the viewer for two unnoticed flying hours in the "prohibition times". In the company of two fellow musicians who, experiencing certain difficulties in life, indulge in all serious. From Chicago to Miami, in an attempt to escape from the mafia, and at the same time start a new life. Moreover, a very pretty person appeared on the horizon, well suited to the role of decorating this very new life. But so far, our three heroes are just colleagues in. a female jazz band.

Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon - these are the well-known names of the actors who made up the most magnificent trio, which gives boundless pleasure with their game. They created five colorful images that will be remembered forever. Marilyn - with her charming appearance and musical and song numbers. Curtis and Lemmon are unique double characters, each of which (Joe, Josephine, Jerry, Daphne) seems to be a separate person. Banal, but perfectly appropriate, bravo!

Filmed in black and white (otherwise Curtis and Lemmon's make-up wouldn't look so organic) the movie is replete with many chic scenes. Maybe they would have become more colorful from a color film, but the b / w picture is already so strongly associated with this film that you don't even think about an alternative. What a distinctive touch!

A good mood, a sea of ​​smiles and laughter, touching truly romantic moments, a wonderful ending - that's what the film "Only Girls in Jazz" gives us. People watched it, watch it, and will watch it. And again, this is not surprising. Two hours of solid positive on the road do not roll!

In conclusion, I want to apologize to the reader for the lack of a verified literary style and some transcendent revelations in my review. There is a movie. I exist. There is an interaction between these two objects, which resulted in an irresistible desire to write a review, to give the film its due, once again praising it.

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Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono (48kHz, 24-bit)
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English: Dolby Digital 5.1


File size: 81.49 GB
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