The Bird with the Crystal Plumage 4K 1970 ITALIAN big poster
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage 4K 1970 ITALIAN

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage 4K 1970 ITALIAN

Dario Argento
Tony Musante, Suzy Kendall, Enrico Maria Salerno, Eva Renzi, Umberto Raho, Renato Romano, Giuseppe Castellano, Mario Adorf, Pino Patti, Gildo Di Marco, Rosita Torosh, Omar Bonaro, Fulvio Mingozzi, Werner Peters, Karen Valenti, Carla Mancini, Bruno Erba, Dario Argento.
IMDB 7.2
File Size: 59.48 GB
Film Description
The maniac does his black deeds in the ancient city of Rome, and there is no mercy for single women if they do not have a companion at this late hour who can defend not only their honor, but also their lives. One day a bored American writer wandered through the night in Rome. And now he becomes an accidental witness of a brutal crime in an art gallery - the owner's wife has suffered.

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Not much has passed since Argento began, but the seething, one-sided talent of the director, each time shining with its facets, is manifested in every picture. A truly cult thing, 'Bird with crystal plumage' has all the features of Argent's style, perhaps, except for the bloodyness, which I have not yet expected from him - in this sense, fellow rivals who later plundered zombies outdone him in many style.

What could be more terrible than a person, a person mired in their complexes, fears. A man insane and calculating enough to hide his madness in a labyrinth of guesses, blurred evidence and the work of the witness's mind. An absolutely wonderful, central scene from the beginning of the film, stood in the eyes from the beginning to the end of the film, after the witness guessed it: 'There was something wrong ...'. What is wrong with it? Its repetitions do not bring an obvious answer to the question, and the intrigue remains until the very end, even though the solution came to me almost immediately, it had to wait for confirmation for a very long time, just as long as the director had planned for its appearance.

Apart from the inability to sort out the actual observation of the hero, the private investigation has all the features of a European detective thriller. Bright secondary characters, non-obvious clues, which can only be unraveled by knowing the context of the situation, anonymous threats, and a series of deaths. The film is actually not scary, but interesting and, as already mentioned, intriguing. Excellent storyboarding and camera work, gorgeous music, perfect acting to the smallest detail merge the solid foundation of a cult film for its time. Among other things, the screenwriter manages to joke, cleverly and subtly, manages to envelop the picture with Italian love lyricism, add romantic mystery. Look at the 'hurray'.

The bottom line: the only reason I made a somewhat low grade is relative simplicity, and the quick arrival of the correct guess. in relation to the later works of the director, but in general, the picture must find a place in the film libraries of fans of the genre.

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Codec: HEVC / H.265 (84.4 Mbps)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision
Original aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Italian: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
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English: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
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English: Dolby Digital 2.0

English, English SDH.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 59.48 GB
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