A Simple Favor 4K 2018
A Simple Favor 4K 2018

A Simple Favor 4K 2018

Paul Feig
Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Eric Johnson, Jean Smart, Sarah Baker, Henry Golding
IMDB 7.00
File Size: 67.48 GB
Film Description
4k mkv download movie of A Simple Favor 2018. Stephanie, a blogger mom from a small town, does a simple service to her friend, after which she disappears without a trace ... Together with Sean, her missing husband, Stephanie must get to the bottom of the truth. From now on, their lives are full of secrets and betrayals, love and loyalty, murder and revenge.

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Exemplary housewife Stephanie, devotes all her free time to her son and personal online cooking blog, but her ideality causes only ridicule in a small town. Everything changes when she makes friends with Emily, her complete opposite. She catches the eye, causing the envy of others with her confidence and pressure, and her life looks like a dream with a big house, a huge closet, a sweet son and husband writer Sean.

A simple request from Emily to pick up the child from school, turns into her loss under strange circumstances. Stephanie cannot sit still and begins an independent investigation.

Any spoilers are critical for such a movie, killing its intrigue. Here are just a synopsis able to intrigue with difficulty. Before our eyes appears a typical, at first glance, thriller about the loss, referring to the "Disappeared" or the recent "Girl in a train." The gradual forcing and endless process of doubt. The protagonist / heroine is not believed, at some point he may even begin to doubt himself, but at the end the puzzle will definitely come together, the viewer will be pointed out the unnoticed and, if he has not yet guessed, will help to make out the obvious.

When David Fincher, Francois Ozon, or the eternal experimenter Stephen Soderberg takes on such plots, we get reference works defining the genre. But what happens if the typically intriguing storyline turns out to be the author of mostly female comedies (“A Slumber Party in Vegas”, “The Spy” and “Cops in Skirts”), the last film of which was the restart of “Ghost Hunters”, not only the cool critics , but also failed in international box office? As it turns out one of the best thrillers, consisting of a farce and endless irony over the genre and two beautiful female images performed by the brilliant Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

“A Simple Favor 4K” turned out to be a very multi-layered picture, gradually surprising in its depth. In the first frames, the perplexing, comedic tempo with typical “moms” and problems of sleeping areas can confuse the viewer. Then everything will be built on the opposition of the characters Stephanie and Emily, delving into the eternal theme of weekday busy housewives and equally busy PR team, with different priorities in life, but this is only the first layer. Literally behind the narrative angle, a thriller awaits us, instantly turning into a detective story, completely confusing the untrained spectator, shuffling roles and characters. The plot is rapidly gaining momentum, no longer reducing heat, gradually exposing the hidden in the closets of the characters, who definitely have something to hide, creating new layers and constantly inflating intrigue.

This is where the experiments begin. “A Simple Favor 4K” combines not only the best genre works of the thriller and the detective story, but also comedy elements typical for Paul Fig, allowing the film to stand out. From the banal and inexpressive story about the disappearance of his wife, the director created an integral and most importantly capable of surprising films, constantly juggling with not always typical genres. Quite a large part of the movie are comedic elements. They refresh the typical thriller by adding lightness, but not turning everything that’s happening into an absurdity, as “Not In Yourself” did, experimenting not so much with the genre as with the form (the film was completely shot on the iPhone). The jokes are selected with taste, without tightening all the attention on themselves. On the other hand, this is a typical film directed by the director of a new theme of feminism, exploring new aspects of female characters, with an almost limp male hero. Despite all the efforts in this women's game, he remains on the periphery of intrigue, turning only into a tool in the capable female hands.

"A Simple Favor 4K" was a successful experiment. Perhaps it is a matter of excellent humor that breathes freshness or a banal intrigue at first glance, which has much more depth in itself, or it is a wonderful soundtrack, or maybe it’s all about the brilliant acting works of Kendrick and Lively, attracting all the attention to him. One thing is certain, Paul Figo managed to rehabilitate himself after the “Hunters”. Hardly a “simple request” awaits box office success, as the equally ironic film “Off” explores the topic of racism, but this movie definitely deserves your attention. The case when the picture can pleasantly surprise and cheer up, without vivid moral admonition and speculation with the theme of feminism, offering much more than he says in his description.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision + HDR10
Original aspect ratio: 2.00:1

English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1

English SDH
File size: 67.48 GB
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