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Weird Science 4K 1985 Extended

Weird Science 4K 1985 Extended

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John Hughes
Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock, Bill Paxton, Suzanne Snyder, Judie Aronson, Robert Downey Jr., Robert Rusler, Vernon Wells, Britt Leach, Barbara Lang, Michael Berryman, Ivor Barry, Ann Coyle, Suzy J. Kellems, John Kapelos, Fred D. Scott, Vince Townsend Jr,.
IMDB 6.6
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Film Description
A variation on the Frankenstein legend in this evocative comedy. A naive prodigy and his friend create the "perfect woman". Their creation, a beautiful woman helps them through the trials of their youth.

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I wanted to write a review of this movie, because the other reviews are too superficial. They described the actors, described the plot, but did not describe the most important thing, did not describe what this movie is about. In those reviews, I didn't feel the depth and spirituality that the great director and screenwriter John Hughes put into his pictures. Two simple words, even syllables, and of American origin, but how much kindness is in them, John Hughes.

This is a brilliant man who created the genre of youth comedy. It's a genre that has now been killed off a little more than completely. The genre has been perverted by other directors, other writers and producers, and they have spoiled and destroyed everything that John Hughes gave to the world.

His name is inseparably connected with the first parts of "Beethoven" and "Home Alone", which were really good. Further his name was undeservedly glimpsed in the sequels of these pictures, because he remained only the creator of characters, not the idiotic scripts of the 3rd and 4th parts, which failed in all respects.

Every Hughes movie is imbued with youthful spirituality and selfless kindness. None of the movies he directed had absolute negative characters. He did not believe in evil, he knew that everyone can be good, even in this tape rivals of the main characters at the end of the movie peacefully sit and talk to each other in the same room. And also, John Hughes got along well with children, he considered their opinions and knew how to find an approach. He looked at them as his equals.

Now the most famous of the actors he discovered are Macaulay Culkin and Matthew Broderick, but the main stars of his movies were Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Thanks to Molly and Anthony the masterpiece "Sixteen Candles" was created and already one Hall was in "Oh This Science". It is these two pictures, in my opinion, are unconditional and eternal masterpieces of the director, ahead of his other creations.

It would seem - two movies, is it enough to call Hughes so loudly - a great man? Even one movie is enough. One masterpiece and the name of the creator will be remembered forever. And I won't be able to forget the name John Hughes for many years.

This movie is a masterpiece, a masterpiece of its genre, sincere and honest. In today's time, Hughes' entire script, which he spent two days on, would have been completely rewritten and taken to the absurd and extreme. Believe me, they would.

After all, this movie was made into a TV series, and it was no longer a cake. Here the main characters Waatt and Gary - ordinary teenagers, the most ordinary. In the series, one became a "nerd", and the second "Ivan the Fool", but the movie said: "Gary has good grades, he is well engaged. So, without twists and without lies this movie could only make Hughes, thank God, he made it.

So, ordinary, unremarkable guys Gary and Wyatt. They are any teenager from high school, probably yourself. They're best friends, they share common interests, they're quite likeable and hardworking, and as it turns out at the end of the movie - they're also brave. They, like almost every guy at the age of 15, lack self-confidence and a push for action. But that all appears when they create Lisa. The beautiful Kelly LeBrock, who played her role, was better known at the time than her husband, the unknown Steven Seagal, who would prove himself in action movies a couple years later.

So, Lisa, a woman of magical beauty, a woman and a sorceress, she can fulfill any wish of Gary and Wyatt, but notice that she was not in bed with them, as well as other girls did not turn out because of her magic. And the guys could have had an easy life. But instead Lisa becomes the very muse for the two friends, who gives them a push to action and thanks to which they gain self-confidence. And that's what we guys lack in our teenage years.

In this film there is no vulgarity, no dirt, no cheesy humor in the spirit of "pie". It's a kind of fairy tale, a kind sweet and funny fairy tale. A fairy tale about how love is found not by a beautiful princess, but by beautiful princes. And the princess story is called "16 Candles". Watch and enjoy.

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File size: 60.89 GB
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