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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 4K 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 4K 2007

Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce, Lee Arenberg, Mackenzie Crook, Kevin McNally, David Bailie, Stellan Skarsgård, Tom Hollander, Naomie Harris, Martin Klebba, David Schofield, Lauren Maher, Dermot Keaney.
IMDB 7.1
File Size: 62.17 GB
Film Description
New adventures of Jack Sparrow and his friends Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. This time, Will and Elizabeth will have to team up with Captain Barbossa himself in order to go to the ends of the earth and save their friend Jack. The situation is complicated by the fact that Elizabeth gets to Singaporean pirates...

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I. World peace:

Great movie. A fitting end to the pirate trilogy.

There was not much excitement in the cinema where I came, but when everyone sat down and the film was shown, the atmosphere changed noticeably. We watched without stopping, many forgot about popcorn and drinks. And in the finale, many succumbed to the front, it was so interesting, but the feeling cannot be expressed in words ... The audience did not clap after the end of the film, but left with a satisfied expression on their faces, cheerful and happy in their own way. Nobody discussed anything. No one criticized, damn it! There were no greasy jokes, no comments, everyone just watched. The silence in some moments of the film in the hall was such that there was a single feeling for the characters.

After the Reverend Renny Harlin's Cutthroat Island, the pirate theme died in cinema, but thanks to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, director Gore Verbinski and the entire crew, the pirates returned to cinema, and returned not losers, but winners. They may not have special awards, but they have us, loyal fans, beloved viewers, who in 2006 gave the second part more than a billion dollars.

The Pirates of the Caribbean triquel is the end of an era in new cinema, an era that lasted less than an era in the usual sense of the word, but that did not become less significant. Millions of children have received an amazing world of adventure, millions of adults have been able to return to it. Naval battles, exciting battles, sparkling dialogues between enemies and allies, countless and cursed treasures, and through all this - rum flows like a river, slapping slaps are heard, cries of drunken pirates - this is Tortuga, a haven for pirates of the Caribbean. Tortuga is synonymous with endless fun. Despondency has no place in the trilogy, but there is always a welcome for a true pirate - volatile, cunning, resourceful and cheerful. For if you are a pirate at heart, you give people a good mood. Cinematography has always been magical, enchanting and incomprehensible. Like the world of pirates in art of various kinds. Having united together the world of cinema and the world of pirates gave us a journey to ... our world.

II. Successful triquel:

a) "Welcome to Singapore!":

Triquel immediately gets down to business without any stories, throwing us into a gloomy and mysterious Singapore, where one of the Barons of the Brotherhood lives - a certain Xiao Feng, a strong and cunning pirate, whose guys look very impressive, and the ladies amaze with their oriental beauty.

Although there is little Singapore in the film, like Baron Xiao Feng himself, he sinks into memory.

Actor Chow Yun-Fat perfectly played Xiao Feng, not at all lost against the background of the snide Geoffrey Rush as Cap Barbossa. For some reason, some decided that this hero is unnecessary and generally superfluous in the whole story. Not true, for the main plot, he plays a role. Yes, and the hero is colorful, curious.

I was very pleased with the game of Rush - he definitely led the entire first quarter of the film, his crazy looks, as well as his smile, sometimes innocent, sometimes malevolent, depending on the episode, captivated the audience from one fell swoop.

The unusual change in the image of Will Turner has benefited the actor Bloom, who managed to diversify the correctness of his character. The same goes for the image of Elizabeth Swann, Knightley looked bold and believable. A rare case when the actors who were "beautiful furniture" (hello to a friend under the nickname Dolphin) do not annoy a bit, but only bring their smooth and therefore balancing play of the luminaries Rush and Depp to the film.

b) "Four of you have already tried to kill me, and one succeeded!":

Davy Jones' Stash is an excellent invention of the writers and a brilliant performance of his role as Johnny Depp, showing the stratification of the personalities of Jack Sparrow, who has completely gone mad in hell for pirates. At this point, the audience in the cinema hanged themselves to glory, watching Sparrow fight with himself.

The moment when hundreds of crabs transfer the "Black Pearl" to the sea, and Jack Sparrow stands on the mast, and his whole team froze near the water, will go down in the history of "Pirates of the Caribbean" - Captain Sparrow returns again, and again - phenomenal!

Before that, as you know, the team went through a lot to save Jack Sparrow, and I must say, the journey is wonderfully depicted in the film - it became visually beautiful, this ice passage looked great, as did the jokes associated with the poor monkey (what only did not have to endure!) and Pintel and Ragetti - this obnoxious couple of pirates. I would also like to note the game of Naomie Harris, who plays Tia Dalma. Even in the second part I liked it, but especially in the third, this symbiosis of a funny accent and a tragic love story. Shine!

When Jack Sparrow and the crew meet, it's a funny episode. Here, the writers joked a little about the relationship between Jack and Elizabeth, and this is also a plus of the film: here everything changes, everyone becomes someone else, and therefore the tension in the film does not subside for a minute. Everyone liked the moment on the ship, when the pirates transferred muskets to each other. It was here that the game of Rush and Depp turned out to be important, playing quarrelsome, like old women, captains of one ship. The way they exchange "hairpins" to each other during the course of the film amused the audience.

c) "There has never been such a gathering in our lifetime!":

In the triquel, all actions take place in four different territories:

1. The territory of Lord Cutler Beckett: this is the beginning of the film, which, like in the second part, struck with its unusualness. The song of the pirates before the execution cuts into memory. This is Beckett's ship, where he calmly drinks tea with his "business approach" philosophy.

2. The territory of Captain Jack Sparrow: this is Jones' cache, and the Black Pearl, and Tortuga, and the gathering of the Brotherhood of the Nine Barons. I liked the Brotherhood episode, especially the appearance of Keith Richards as Jack's father. I was incredibly pleased with the appearance (finally) of the Pirate Code. The barons are worth each other, honestly.

3. Davy Jones territory: this, of course, is the "Flying Dutchman": here Bill Nighy played Jones great (pleased the moment when the audience sees his real face), and don't forget Jack Davenport as James Norrington and Stellan Skarsgård as Clap Bill.

4. Common territory: this is closer to the finale, where the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman will meet in a terrible whirlpool.

d) "This is a business approach.":

I won't tell how the film ended, I just want to draw the attention of the audience to the fact that the triquel is good because it clearly and nicely puts everything on the shelves, explaining both the sequel and even the first part.

Praise to those who survived, honors to those who died, even if they were villains. All the characters were at a brilliant level in the brilliant pirate trilogy. The deaths, in fact, turned out to be beautiful and memorable (with one exception, but I won't say which ones - watch the film).

Someone made a peep, saying that in vain in films about pirates they reduced everything to mysticism, they say, this is for those little ones who love Harry Potter. So, dear comrade, I must explain: it was not mysticism that made the pirates, but they did it. The pirate world is so beautiful that it is full of tales, and tales are of various kinds, and why not be mystic in them? Mystique is an addition to the diverse and enduring world of pirates. No more.

As for whether there will be a continuation of the trilogy? Who knows, maybe there will be.

In any case, I don't see it as a bad thing. After all, this is a "business approach" ...

e) "Repeat this more often.":

The triquel ended the four-year era of pirates in cinema, completed it, but it continues to live in our hearts, reverently referring to the mention of such a person as Jack Sparrow or Captain Barbossa ...

The "Jolly Roger" will now always flutter in the wind of our efforts, and proudly rise above the other flags, reminding us all that there is no place for despondency in this world, and that we were born to make a fairy tale come true...

Long live joy!

III. What Pirates of the Caribbean gave us:

1. Captain Jack Sparrow: treacherous, cunning, but at the same time cheerful and cheerful pirate, plowing the Ship of His Black Soul across the Caribbean Sea.

2. Captain Hector Barbossa: sarcastic, reckless, but at the same time not boring and strong pirate, the true captain of the Black Pearl.

3. Captain Davy Jones: Striking looking, great dice player, great musician, excellent saber competitor. Legendary owner of the Flying Dutchman.

4. Governor Weatherby Swann: naive and sweet man, pure dandy, loving father.

5. Elizabeth Swann: a brave girl who came out of the governor's daughters in pirates, risky and charming.

6. Will Turner: Former blacksmith turned pirate, real son of his father, brave and desperately fighting for the love of the one for which he is ready for anything.

7. Bootstrap Bill: a man devoted to piracy, a servant of Davy Jones, a father who is capable of any recklessness for the sake of his son.

8. Lord Cutler Beckett: an aristocrat who desired power over the Caribbean, a tea lover, a connoisseur of a "business approach", a man of principle and prudent.

9. Boatswain Gibbs: a man who is always under the command of Jack Sparrow, an ardent supporter of rum drinkers, dancing at the sight of the Black Mark and going into battle to save the ship.

10. Commander James Norrington: doubtful man, undeniably strong willed, able to lose, a good opponent.

11. Tia Dalma: a woman who charmed more than one pirate, a fortune teller with a funny accent, in a word - a goddess.

12. Pintel and Ragetti: a daring pirate couple who don't care about anything.

13. Cotton and his parrot: the couple is clearly wise.

14. Monkey: the character is extremely dangerous.

15. Xiao Feng: The majestic Baron of the Brotherhood, with an elevated and graceful style of speech.

16. Barons of the Brotherhood: people with a fine nervous organization, to be sure.

17. Father of Jack Sparrow: connoisseur of black humor.

18. A couple of officers: people who are ready to clarify everything in the world.

19. Cuttlefish Kraken: A very demanding gourmet.

20. Dog: nice fellow, knows how to keep keys.

IV. Jolly Roger smile:

Perhaps I did not get a clear review.

Well, this means that I was very impressed with watching the most anticipated movie for me this year. And that, in turn, means that the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy ended as it should have. Nice.

I've written a threequel review about five times, but each time I've stopped, shook my head, and started again. Something didn't suit me, I didn't like it. Until I realized what it was: the absence of truth. And the truth is that I really love this pirate trilogy.

She gave someone a good mood, and she gave me a second life.

Perhaps, having gone through all the negativity that accumulates in various media, through all human indifference, the vices of this world - greed, envy, hatred, the smile of the Jolly Roger will reach our hearts. Brings out the best in us.

Years will pass, and this pirate smile will not be erased from our souls.

See next part: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 4K 2011

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 62.17 GB
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