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Home Alone 4K 1990

USA     Movies / Comedy 4K
Chris Columbus
Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Roberts Blossom, Catherine O'Hara, Angela Goethals, Devin Ratray, Gerry Bamman, Hillary Wolf, John Candy, Larry Hankin, Michael C. Maronna, Kristin Minter, Diana Rein.
IMDB 7.6
File Size: 55.56 GB
Film Description
One of the most Christmas movies is Home Alone 4K 1990. Download this film from our website 4k-hd.club. An American family leaves Chicago for Europe, but in a hurry to get ready, stupid parents forget at home ... one of their children. The young creature, however, is not lost and shows wonders of ingenuity. And when robbers enter the house, they have to regret meeting with a cute baby more than once.

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Probably, I chose not a very suitable moment for the next revision of this famous comedy, which has become the # 1 Christmas film for Americans, and, like our 'Irony of Fate', one of the 'folk films' that become an annual symbol of the holiday, its constant attribute and necessary part. Until the Christmas I ignored and the New Year, which, by the way, is best served by 'Home Alone', like a parsley leaf to Olivier's salad, is still a long way off. It's warm on the street, New Year's garlands from the shop windows (oh, miracle!) Have already been removed, artificial trees are hidden in the closets, and the real ones are waiting for their noble death in the forest, there are more and more short skirts on the street and you will hardly find hats, mittens and fur coats .. ..And I'm sitting at home with a cup of hot coffee, forgetting about the warm spring evening, and I feel that, for a couple more hours, the president will start his New Year's hurdy-gurdy on TV, and then domestic comedians will start shaking the air with vulgarities, nonsense and banalities, singing new year has come.

Thus, I once again proved to myself that there is no 'wrong time' for this comedy: in winter and summer, in the morning and in the evening, if you are at least a little child and at least a little bit like winter holidays, you will feel yourself with this film on the pre-holiday evening, at the set table, with the family. This is a holiday movie, a mood movie. There are films that need to be watched with a certain mood, this one, on the contrary, creates the mood itself.

And you know what? I figured it out pretty late. I began to like 'Home Alone' only in recent years, when I had already quite decided on my cinematic tastes and collected already a good movie library. This film is usually called a family comedy, and usually people fall in love with it in childhood - immediately and irrevocably. And I must admit that I was sick from him as a child. If this film came across to me on TV, I immediately rushed to switch to another channel, and could not bring myself to watch it to the end. What a bastard parasite seemed to me then the hero of Culkin. How disgusting to me were his pink ears, plump red lips and a cry tearing his throat. Not that I felt sorry for the ill-fated bandits, but the petty bastard, 'smart' and 'resourceful' to disgust, I wanted to grab by the throat and strangle, like Homer Bart. I also didn't like what I now call "destructive message," but then I just thought it was cruelty. And, of course, even a child, to whom his parents explained well why one should beware of an iron, slippery steps and broken Christmas tree decorations, would never believe in the 'immortality' of these shabby bandits (they were not killed by irons that fell from the 3rd floor, but stunned by the shovel of some old man! how ..).

But the main thing was antipathy to the main character. She prevented me from watching the film until I learned to measure films by other criteria, and to be more loyal to such heroes. Perhaps I grew up, and began to look with nostalgia at what once infuriated me, perhaps I remembered my own childhood, perhaps I lost my acute maximalism and began to consider the film in the context of its merits, time, etc., perhaps I began to consider him in terms of his undoubted merits. I don't know, but one fine day before the holidays I snapped this film on some German channel and at some point I was carried away, and then Joe Pesci ominously cursing in gibberish appeared, then ingenious traps, then my beloved John Candy, playing the polka , then the charming Catherine O'Hara, a touching scene with a lonely old man and .... I felt that, despite the misunderstandings with the language, I definitely like it all! And the next day I was in a hurry to the store, there was no movie on the DVD, but they sold it to me on the cassette. And I already watched this film with different eyes, for the first time without disgust, for the first time laughed, for the first time I felt how cool everything was done in it and how skillfully it transports the viewer into the atmosphere of a festive miracle, despite the presence of joyful events far away.

Now I see this film with different eyes. No, it is still not my favorite Christmas movie, it is simpler and more naive than The Grinch, A Christmas Carol or Gremlins, but I learned to watch it with genuine joy and admire the skill, first of all, of Chris Columbus , from such simple ingredients that made such a Christmas miracle. After all, the plot scheme is extremely simple, the humor is completely childish (and childishly cruel), but the director so skillfully alternates the 'comedy of slaps' with touching, sentimental moments, dialogues and crazy running around with a demonstration of Christmas attributes, such as trees, lights and snow outside the window , which creates an atmosphere of intimacy of something beautiful, magical, kind and cheerful. Columbus withstood the golden mean, his film did not become a sadistic joy, like the terrible 3rd and 4th parts of the franchise, everything is very balanced in it.

I still don't like McCauley Culkin. Here, in my opinion, the hand of a good director is visible more than a talented child. And this is proved by the subsequent films of Culkin, where the same image was stamped, which did not have much success without the leadership of Columbus. But now this kid does not cause disgust in me either. He is probably exactly what the Americans needed in the 90s: a real child hero who administers a fair trial against villains on Christmas.

The villains are great. The poignant roles of Pesci and Stern have gone down in Hollywood history forever. Bright, convincing, completely grotesque, clown characters, similar more to comic book heroes than to real people, gave rise to a whole heap of various imitations. Of course, first of all, Pesci amazes, who even in such a simple and unambiguous role found some bright colors, revived his hero, made him even somewhat cute, which brought him closer to the heroes of Vitsin and Smirnov in our 'Business People'.

I liked Catherine O'Hara in the role of selfless mother, and, of course, the great (both literally and figuratively) John Candy, who played the traditional role of a good-natured fat man for himself, is traditionally wonderful.

In general, although I still cannot add this film to the list of comedy masterpieces, however, it ceased to be a stranger to me. And this is much more important than any fees and regalia - when you are sincerely imbued with the film, especially after many years of rejection. What's the bottom line? An atmospheric Christmas movie filmed with signature Columbus quality and signature Columbus quality. The perfect pre-holiday cocktail of a Christmas miracle, a simple and naive story, comic evil, 'little lop-eared good with fists' and a not too cloying portion of family values.

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English SDH, French, Japanese, Spanish

Info Blu-ray
File size: 55.56 GB
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