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House of Gucci 4K 2021

House of Gucci 4K 2021

Ridley Scott
Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto, Jack Huston, Salma Hayek, Alexia Murray, Vincent Riotta, Gaetano Bruno, Camille Cottin, Youssef Kerkour, Reeve Carney, Florence Andrews, Mehdi Nebbou, Miloud Mourad Benamara, Andrea Piedimonte Bodini, Vincenzo Tanassi.
IMDB 6.7
File Size: 66.13 GB
Film Description
Milan, 1978. Patricia Reggiani, a girl from a poor family, meets Maurizio Gucci, the hesitant heir to the famous fashion house, at a party. Despite his father Rodolfo's disapproval and excommunication from funding, the young people marry. But Maurizio's uncle, the second owner of Aldo Gucci's empire, wants to mend family relations, and Patricia, taking the advice and instigation of a television fortune teller, decides to make the most of the situation.

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And what we have in front of us is hardly a gangster movie. The director is odd in the handwriting of the painting. He amuses himself and offers to share this unusual, exquisite meal with him. For the gourmands, a feast. A true feast is prepared. Here, as in 'The Godfather', 'Gotti', 'Carlito's Way', 'Once Upon a Time in America', 'Donnie Brasco'... strangle, crush, 'bring down' each other. They set each other up and 'sell out'. They leak and blatantly 'dump' each other. Betrayal? As much as you want. When big money is at stake, it's hard not to be tempted. To the helm, to the trough, to power, to control... We're going to America, we're going to Italy.

If the business of Cosa Nostra is the sole prerogative of the stronger sex, then fashion - who would argue with that, in the main, is a women's domain. Patricia Reggiani decides to run the business like Coco Chanel. Will they let her? Will they? Who are you? Who are you? You're not even Gucci!

What could be easier? You know, handbags, men's and women's rags for the day, shoes and boots - you can't dust your feet barefoot. And all this is Gucci? And it's all a global brand? One of the Empires, packing a man according to fashion, according to the company? Luxury. Stylish. Recognizable. Yes, it is. Who hasn't heard that name? No one has? A behind-the-scenes dive into the secrets, prepared for us today? A page in the biography of the brainchild? That's right. Only for the conductor today, it's not anyone, it's Ridley Scott. And this maestro's films are all blockbusters on a universal scale. Gladiator, Alien, Hannibal. These are his brainchildren. And the list goes on and on, and can be colored.

You won't get bored with Ridley Scott pictures. The stars of scale, the mega actors consider it an honor to appear before the venerable guru of cinema. When the drama doesn't limp, when the thriller's intrigue holds the viewer by the throat until the very end, when the character captivates by his charisma, when you want to continue, when you barely get cold from the spectacle, when... What can I say? There are usually no disappointments.

And tonight, a plethora of talent makes your eyes glaze over. Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino, Lady Gaga and Selma Hayek. Isn't that enough? No. That's right.

Two and a half hours is the author's allotment for the story. Two and a half hours and nothing too much. Two generations - by revelations of their own flights. First, the 'old men' rule at their own pleasure, bathed in the spotlight of fame. And a little later, fledgling youth begins to rule the ball. And the impression is that once again, John Gotti and I are removing an obstacle, making a case for ourselves, getting rid of the ballast, and... repeat the mistakes... To live! To shine! To be!

That's it, it seems... Did it work? Soared? Success? No. What is it? Sunset.

Gangster, of course gangster movies are being shown today. Believe it or not. The transpositions, the associations, are self-generated. Scenes, so simply screaming, appeal to us. What is this by design? A friendly caricature of the crime genre? Or just adding a comedic touch to the seriousness of the case at hand here? Judge as you will. And then the mystery of the 'House of Gucci' ceases to be a mystery.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (48.9 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 2.0
German: Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
German: Dolby Digital 5.1

English SDH, German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 66.13 GB
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