Vada Chennai 4K 2018
Vada Chennai 4K 2018

Vada Chennai 4K 2018

India     Tamil 4K
Dhanush, Ameer Sultan, Radha Ravi, Daniel Balaji, Kishore Kumar G., Samuthirakani, Pavan, Andrea Jeremiah, Aishwarya Rajesh, Subramaniam Siva, Vincent Ashokan, G. Marimuthu, Sai Dheena, Hari, Pavel.
IMDB 8.5
File Size: 6.09 GB
Film Description
A young carrom player in north Chennai becomes a reluctant participant in a war between two warring gangsters.

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This movie has been in the making for a decade or more and its totally worth it and understandable! Every character, scene, dialogue means something and its so well etched that you have to accept it sets a benchmark for regional cinema. It is comparable to all the great gangster dramas that world has produced like the untouchables, godfather, and our own nayagan, satya and gangs of wasseypur. Amusing that directors find their best work in describing crime from its origin to effect.

Yes, this movie describes a reluctant young man's journey through the slums surrounded by crooks eventually into a leader and ganglord and is inspired by all those movies listed above. What stood out were few things among many, how the director has given attention to detail right from cinematography to dialogue to time period it feels as if the tale is unscripted, the superb acting from all the cast led by Dhanush, the editing which deserves multiple awards for carrying out non linear story telling with aplomb, the music which is not jarring and giea with the flow and above all the direction which is a cut above the rest taking the best out if his crew Vetri maaran gives his best work here.

Enjoy the intensity, political satire (for eg when a character asks if rajiv gandhi succeeded mgr as prime minister) the lawlessness, the dilemma of who or what is right and wrong, is it all by design or free will and many other uncomfortable questions.

You will definitely root for the lead character and have many moments with tears in your eyes and lump in your throat!
File size: 6.09 GB
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