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Theri 4K 2016

Theri 4K 2016

India     Tamil 4K
Atlee Kumar
Joseph Vijay, Samantha Ruth, Amy Jackson, Baby Nainika, J. Mahendran, Rajendran, Radhika Sarathkumar, Swaminathan, Prabhu, Boxer Dheena, Kalyani N., Lobo, Prinz Nithik, Kumar Natarajan, Bineesh Bastin...
IMDB 7,2
File Size: 13,50 GB
Film Description
Theri 4K full movie download, I know how hard it is to find a full Tamil movie for download. Download and enjoy. In the village of Kerala, a simple baker Joseph lives, along with Nivi's five-year-old daughter and assistant Rajendran. The father and daughter of the soul do not chatter in each other, they are well in their cozy little world, where they do not let anyone. But one day a fight with local hooligans turns into trouble for them. The threads of this clash stretch back into the past, where everything was different with Joseph - his name, his job, his family. From the past, the present breaks in and the enemy of Joseph, who still yearns for revenge. The hero understands that hiding is meaningless, and the only chance to save yourself and your daughter is to strike yourself.

4K movie reviews
For me, this is one of the top three best films of Vijay. Perfect Mass Entertainer with a good message. It's all about how good upbringing can destroy evil in society. The best work of Elihatalapati Vijay and Samantha to the present day. An outstanding feature is his cinematography / visual effects by George Williams.

Class: D Songs / Music / BGM - Excellent work and Goosebumps along with an unusual Vijay screen. Presence :) He has all the elements to satisfy fans and a neutral audience. I was not bored even for a nano-second, and it cost every penny that you spend. The technical side of the film was amazing, and ATLEE proved that he is the best assistant to Shankar. The three Vijay drawings were really cool. The film ends as THERI 2 in a way. All merit of the director is Utley, He waited 2 years for this film, and he is one of the youngest directors in India to work with a superstar in the second film and up to 100 crores, which will happen very soon. He said that the story itself will be very simple, with a fantastic fairy-tale scenario, for which the editor Anthony L Ruben will be credited. In general, this will be very satisfactory for the whole audience and will not disappoint anyone. SUPERB ENTERTAINER. One of the best Action / Thrillers lately.

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Name movie for download: Theri.2016.Tamil.Ultra.HD.4K.Untouched.AVC.Dolby.5.1.ESUB.mp4

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 13,50 GB
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