The Sum of All Fears 4K 2002
The Sum of All Fears 4K 2002

The Sum of All Fears 4K 2002

Phil Alden Robinson
Ian Mongrain, Russell Bobbitt, James Cromwell, Ken Jenkins, Bruce McGill, John Beasley, Morgan Freeman, Philip Baker Hall, Al Vandecruys, Richard Cohee, Philip Pretten, Alison Darcy, Richard Marner, Ostap Soroka, Robert Martin Robinson...
IMDB 6,4
File Size: 54,12 GB
Film Description
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Story: When the president of Russia suddenly dies, his post is occupied by a man about whom the public knows little enough. It is this fact that increases the tense situation in the country. Head of the CIA Bill Cabot recruiting young analyst Jack Ryan, a specialist in Russia, to receive reliable information first-hand. Soon a terrible thing happens: the capital of Chechnya acquires a nuclear bomb. Americans quickly begin to blame the whole Russian. They also distrust Ryan, who carries out his investigations with a risk to his life. And he's right.

Terrorists provoke the outbreak of war between the two nations, being behind the scene. When they successfully blow up a bomb near Baltimore during the Golden Cup, the world is already on the brink of war. But ... if Ryan gets the necessary evidence in time, then this stream of disasters will stop.

4k movie reviews
Eight years passed. A new century has come and at the Paramount studio it was decided that it's time to make a new film about the brave CIA analyst Jack Ryan, starting the story from the very beginning. So the "The Sum of All Fears 4K" appeared, directed by screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson, is not at all new to the production, but for which this film will be the last full-length work for years to come.

In Russia, the president dies and not his place Comes another - a certain Alexander Nemerov (well, of course, again a hint of vodka). And from that moment the film begins to repeat the situation that was in the "Hunt for Red October 4K"- it is not known whether this new political player represents a threat or not. Even the role of Jack Ryan is similar here - he claims that Nemerov is not an enemy when everyone around is convinced of the opposite. Nevertheless, the US is concerned about the situation in Chechnya. And then again double standards - what they do, it's right, and that others - "ah, ah, ah." However, Russia should not be afraid. From the depths of the past appears the specter of the most terrible, that only can be. Using unstable relations between countries, he decides to set them off. The world is not as safe as it seems.

Phil Olden Robinson made an interesting movie. Despite the calm staging of the scenes, there is a growing tension in them. The idea itself is interesting, too, that it bears within itself a picture. Fear and mistrust divide the countries, but in fact we are not enemies to each other and we need to unite against those who are trying to destabilize the situation. Something similar was in the "Keepers", but it's unexpected to hear it in a similar film, but it's nice.

The new Jack Ryan now looks much more authentic, but due to the fact that Ben Affleck is similar in type to Alec Baldwin. Besides him there are full of recognizable faces. Brigitte Monahain from "I, Robot" and "Armory Baron" - Kate Muller - clever and surgeon - is not yet the wife of the main character and did not bear him two children. The boss was a certain Cabbot performed by Morgan Freeman. There is James Cromwell as president of the United States. Liv Schreiber as a government agent (funny, then noted in the film 4K director of previous paintings about Ryan). Eternal second number Kiaran Hinds ("Ghost Rider 2", "Lara Croft 2") is the president of Russia, but again only the second. But the great surprise was the presence of Alexander Belyavsky - it is understandable: at least someone should show how normally speaking in Russian).

7 out of 10

"The Sum of All Fears 4K UHD" meanwhile did not meet expectations for the restart of the series. The time has passed, and the Americans have already taken on new, much more tangible threats. But Russia as an enemy has not gone out of fashion and the flow of "cranberries" every year will only grow stronger. It will be twelve years, until a new version of the story of the brave analyst of the CIA, but it seems to share the fate of its predecessor.

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Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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English, English SDH, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish
File size: 54,12 GB
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