Higher Power 4K 2018
Higher Power 4K 2018

Higher Power 4K 2018

Matthew Charles Santoro
Jordan Hinson, Austin Stowell, Ron Eldard, Colm Feore, Jade Tailor, Winston James Francis, Tom Wright, Mei Melan?on, Omar Doom, Richard Portnow, Marielle Jaffe, Linc Hand, Laura Margolis, Exie Andrade, David Preston...
IMDB 5.0
File Size: 51.70 GB
Film Description
4k action movies Higher Power 2018 download. Information about the 4K film:
The universe is on the brink of destruction. Joseph Steadman decides to sacrifice himself by participating in the experiment of a mad scientist who can save the world or accelerate its death.

4k movie reviews
When I included this 4K film, I kept in mind the miserable rating of 3.9 points on ImDb - it's clear that such a figure can not inspire not that trust, but even at least some thought about the fact that this movie can be watched and not spit . I do not know what prompted him to see it - a good poster or an intriguing description, but, honestly, I was not disappointed by what I saw. Yes, in some places the acting was limping and, in particular, the main character, but on the whole both the idea and the realization were not the worst.

At the very beginning, the spectator is told about black holes, space and clots of energy of incredible power, which arise after black holes absorb stars. One astrophysicist publicly declares that soon such a bunch of energy will destroy the Earth, after which the viewer goes to more ordinary problems and gets to know the main character Joe Stidman, a working security guard. After the death of his wife, he found comfort in the bottom of the bottle from which he spoiled relations with his two daughters. It is Joe who is in the hands of a strange man whose voice hears in his head. This stranger directs the hero Eldard, forcing him under threat of reprisals against his daughters, performing various tasks, as if preparing his guinea pig for an important mission.

In my opinion, the first third of the film was too prolonged, which causes a sense of detachment from reality. A painful story about the alcoholic in the outset begins to swing minutes from the 30th - 33rd, after which there is interest in viewing and the spectacle on the screen begins to enthrall for real. By the end, and at all personally, I was extremely interested in knowing how it would end. And here it is worth paying tribute to the creators of the "Higher Power 4K UHD" - they were able to effectively project the usual everyday story about dad and daughters, who are ashamed of the theme of the Cosmos, diluting it with an element of an exciting 4K thriller, action.

I note that in the "Higher Power 4K Ultra HD" great worked out almost all the special effects. At least those that relate to the Superman (he, by the way, here resembles the Manhattan Doctor from the "Keepers"). The visual component is executed at a decent level and is a significant plus of the film. Looking at the drive episodes from the last third, you can even think that he included some kind of superhero blockbuster. Although, if you look closely, the hero Ron Eldard can be called a superhero ... By analogy with Hancock who can not cope with his strength, but also not like those that regularly appear in movies over the past few years.

As for the main character - the same Ron Eldard - that guy from the "Ghost Ship" of the beginning of the zero years does not know. From a fit young man, he turned into a fat copy of Gerard Depardieu! Really, the similarity, in my opinion, can be traced quite clearly! But then again, this actor, who did not have enough stars from the sky and did not act in large-budget films, got the opportunity to be among those who almost did not take off the superhero costumes.

Final film in a fairly simple and accessible form explains the relationship between the theme of the Great Cosmos and the history of ordinary people. And it happens so harmoniously, there is no gap between the two themes located at different poles.

The director, and at the same time the scriptwriter and editor Matthew Santoro, for whom the film 4K "Higher Power" became a debut despite the low rating, made a rather interesting and fascinating movie, telling the story of a man forced to save his own family at a risky risk and discover new abilities .

However, to look to you. I do not impose my opinion on anyone.

Enjoy watching. Action 4K movies Higher Power 2018 for download.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision + HDR10
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby Atmos
English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)

English SDH, Spanish
File size: 51.70 GB
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