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Red Eye 4K 2005

Red Eye 4K 2005

Wes Craven
Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Laura Johnson, Max Kasch, Jayma Mays, Angela Paton, Suzie Plakson, Jack Scalia, Terry Press, Robert Pine, Carl Gilliard, Mary Kathleen Gordon, Loren Lester, Philip Pavel, Amber Mead, Dey Young, Brittany Oaks.
IMDB 6.5
File Size: 52.77 GB
Film Description
Two strangers. A chance meeting at the airport. A mutual sympathy... And in the end, flight N1019 will arrive on time today, but possibly without one passenger. Lisa Risert has always been afraid of flying, but the fear of flying is nothing compared to what she is about to experience.

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Don't give a damn about anyone or anything. We only get one life. The question is why? So that we can fly on airplanes where we will be boarded by men who want to kill our relatives? To go through each day without noticing that we are being watched? Life is for living. Just to live. Not paying attention to the people around us.

- Customers are not harmful, but with special requests.

No one has ever recommended the movie Night Flight to me. I had never heard of it. I usually have films on my 'to watch' list for months. I stumbled on the page Rachel McAdams by chance - I admire the talent of this girl. And I saw the movie 'Red eye'. I had not seen it. The title interested me so much that I watched it today. It's the kind of film you have to see. If only to understand the insignificance of some silly mishaps that many people are ready to throw a tantrum over. There is something worse in life than a "D" in a student's diary or a fight with a girlfriend. After all, a "F" can be corrected, and with a friend to make up.

No one wants to die, but everyone has to.

- Did you steal my pen, asshole?

- Hey, back off, I'm asleep.

Don't you believe in fate yet? It's time you did.

Graceful and graceful, she walked, a little hurriedly, tapping her heels on the tiles, carrying her suitcase behind her. The night promised to be extraordinary from the very first minute after the words 'Flight postponed. The sweet old lady she gave the book to; the handsome man who seems to be stalking her - oh, or maybe she's stalking him?; he paid her for alcohol, and then it turns out they have seats next to each other...

It's an airplane. They are in the sky. The night. There are people around who don't seem to want to see her pleading eyes. Every attempt is in vain. There is no way out. What to do ... . ? Try to survive.

- Thank you for choosing Fresh Air.

What was so amazing about the movie? The atmosphere. Yes, I'm madly in love with 'Illusion of Flight,' but it's a little different here. Dark. Depressing. Enticing. Tense. Atmosphere. It can be felt. New films can't boast of this, old ones do, as you can see. The music was unbelievably well chosen, sizzling music that sent shivers down your body. Every groan or sigh, ah or ooh only added to the picture.

What was it? An illusion? No, this is reality.

I'm not a fan of horror, but I love thrillers. Many movies that have that word in their 'genre' are far from thrillers. But this is The Thing with a capital letter. Dreamworks often gives me my favorite movies - of different genres. The main point of the film is not at the end, as many may think and berate it - not at all. The whole point is in the core. The main thing is to be able to pull it out. Sorry, I'm rambling - I can't get away from watching it.

A lot was conveyed by Rachel McAdams. I've seen a lot of her work. I was most impressed with the role of Ellie in 'The Notebook'. But now, after Nightfall, I can say with confidence - Rachel McAdams is a genius. Neither more nor less. Look at her acting! Look at the way her hands were shaking. Look at the way she cried and stumbled and fell and flew down the stairs... You can't fault her - she's gorgeous. An incredible role that brought her out completely.

Don't take strangers by the hand. Don't tell them about yourself.

Cillian Murphy also struck a chord... such a jerk, all I felt was hatred for him. From the first seconds. He understood his character. He conveyed it. I would also like to mention the convincing performance of Jayma Mays. Just watch it.

Live in the moment. Don't forget the bad. But don't think about it all the time either. Life is not heaven. But it's not hell either.

'Night Flight' is something that impressed me a lot, so much so that even my hands froze. It's a movie that will stay in my memory and heart for a long time. I don't know... Wes Craven and his films are not really familiar to me. I've seen 'Pulse', I've seen 'Take My Soul'... That's the best one. There's no doubt about it. It's mega to me.

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HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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English, English SDH, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 52.77 GB
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