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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn 4K 2022

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn 4K 2022

Timo Vuorensola
Sydney Craven, Imran Adams, Jarreau Benjamin, Peter Brooke, Matt Barkley, Ocean Navarro, Alexander Halsall, Georgia Goodman, Jodie Mcmullen, Saverio Buono, Gabriel Freilich, Dee Wallace, Gary Graham, Darren Kent, Joseph Tanner Paul, Romain Faure, George Hider, Jake Seal.
IMDB 2.5
File Size: 47.55 GB
Film Description
Along with her geek boyfriend, Lane heads off to a horror festival dedicated to the local legend of a winged monster that hunts people every 23 years and then disappears without a trace. Despite the strange visions that haunt her, the girl enjoys the event and has no idea that the local Jeepers Creepers cult has already chosen her as a victim.

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The story of the creepy winged monster who appears every 23 years for 23 days and devours people died on the second part. The third film, released a few years ago, although it continued the Jeepers-Creepers story, was still much worse than the first two films. And this is despite the fact that all parts were directed by Victor Salva.

And the fourth film was directed by Timo Wuorenzola, well known from Iron Sky Dilogy. This project is supposed to be the first part of a new Creeper trilogy and will not be related to Salva's films. Although the beginning of "Reborn" has a direct reference to the very first film, because it repeats its beginning in general detail.

I sincerely hope that the box office of "Reborn" will be catastrophically low and that the critics will bomb this THING, because the fourth Jeepers-Creepers movie is a real squalor.

The third picture was scolded for the fact that the events mostly unfold in the daytime and it deprives the plot of suspense, because it's always scarier at night. And the Creeper doesn't look as terrifying in the daytime. Plus the graphics in that part was lame and not very good to say the least.

The fourth movie, it seems to me, surpassed all these faults, as it absorbed all the most squalid that a horror movie can contain. The graphics leave a lot to be desired - that's fine. But the worst thing is that "Reborn" went the way it was written a long time ago. The creators didn't reinvent the wheel and just decided to shoot the most natural crap on the principle of the second part of "The Wrong Turn" and "Halloween. Resurrection," where a bunch of people go out to meet death as part of some reality show.

They did the same thing in "Reborn," not really bothering to elaborate on the script. The Creeper in this film exists as a kind of legend, which has been made up over many decades and has gone into the public domain. You can find clips of him on the Internet, and he is even a sort of headliner for the Scare Fest, which attracts various freaks. There's a lot of talk around Creeper, and there's even some kind of cult (which is very strange, considering the fact that the monster himself doesn't recognize anyone and kills solely on the smell of fear, which means anyone can become his victim and it doesn't matter if you worship him or not).

The theme of the cult itself is shown so superficially in the film that it doesn't really give the viewer anything. Surely the creators will wish to reveal this theme in the sequels (but again, I wish there were no sequels). What is the cult, what are the goals of the followers of the Creeper and why he became their deity. Why do they need a certain sacrifice, and how do they know that such a sacrifice is certain to be found among the horror-fest attendees? (In "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer," the heroines were at least lured to the island by calling from a "radio station" and asking a quiz question, but in "Reborn," the right person just came to the festival!)

What has changed is the Creeper's outward appearance - his face. It used to be ugly and disgusting. Now it's just a herd of disgusting. The mouth that won't close with its sharp teeth looks like a sink drain with food scraps stuck in it. His first appearance in the film looks so delusional and comical that you get the impression that some bum has crawled out of an alleyway or an abandoned house, sleeping there after drinking a gallon and a half of triple cologne.

Whereas previously the confrontation with the Creeper was long (for the entire movie), they tried to finish him off more than once and used all the means at hand, here only one thing is used against him successfully enough, and the battle with him turns out to be too fleeting and devoid of logic.

The reality show theme is idiotic and with similar characters. There's no one to sympathize and empathize with in the movie at all, because each of the characters is a dumbass and you automatically wish him dead. Really, there's not a single character in the movie, you just feel disgust for him. Even the main character, dark-skinned Imran Adams, who should be reading comic books in his dorm, instead of proposing to his girlfriend. The way he too quickly and simply gets carried away with the topics he's a fan of, while forgetting about his lover, is frankly baffling. As well as absolutely stupid story with the proposal and the ring in the...cemetery!

Only an idiot can go to the bushes, running away for half a kilometer from the car in an area where man appeared probably in the time of Columbus! Only a moron would go to a cemetery after a strange man who appeared there out of nowhere. In fact, only a moron would go on a reality show in some musty house. And yes, by the way, about the "reality show" itself: only morons can shoot it with one camera and only the most complete and unprofessional cameraman can fail to load the camera and not prepare it properly for the night shooting, although he knows that it is the NIGHT shooting!

I don't know... I don't know about anyone, but I was spitting from this movie and by the 15th minute I wanted to get up and leave the theater. But I watched it to the end to make sure: the first two films are worthy of their time and attention. "Reborn" is an abuse of what Victor Salva once directed.

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Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
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English SDH, German, Dutch.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 47.55 GB
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