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Child's Play 3 4K 1991

Child's Play 3 4K 1991

Jack Bender
Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Travis Fine, Dean Jacobson, Brad Dourif, Peter Haskell, Dakin Matthews, Andrew Robinson, Burke Byrnes, Matthew Walker, Donna Eskra, Edan Gross, Terry Wills, Richard Marion, Laura Owens, Ron Fassler, Michael Chieffo.
IMDB 5.1
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Film Description
Andy is now 16 years old and in training at Kent Military School. And businessman Peter Haskell resumes production of dolls. And the first to come off the assembly line is the unforgettable Chucky, possessed by the spirit of the dead killer. He still has not got rid of his thoughts of moving into the boy's body and leaving the fun-loving guise of a child's toy that he hates.

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The third part of 'Child's Play' came out much worse than the previous ones. The main problem with the movie is its stupid plot. Chucky looked a lot better and brighter as a family puppet. It's simpler and better for the movie itself. Just the toy walking around the military academy looks absurd. Personally, I liked Chucky's massacre in a regular house with an unsuspecting family better, as I did in parts one and two. You just worry about the family and they seem so much more helpless than the pumped-up military cadets with their large arsenal of weapons.

Unlike the previous installments, the movie doesn't seem as scary anymore. The suspense is there, but it gets lost in many parts of the film. Chucky is already starting to humor here, with comedic overtones appearing in his character, which is bad for the franchise itself. I just don't like it when a good horror movie is gradually turned into a comedy. After all, the first part was a real horror that still had elements of detective and thriller, therefore, the movie should continue in the same vein and gain momentum in terms of special effects and brutality. The third installment does the opposite. Special effects have been used less than in the first and second series, the brutality is also not particularly boastful, and the atmosphere gradually fades. As a result, we are faced with a rather weak sequel that put a full seven years of the film in front of us.

On the film's merits, I'd like to highlight the murder of the barber and the final cutting off of Chucky's face with the scythe. As for the atmosphere, again, it gets lost and sags in the details and that's why the film may seem boring to many people. The action is less, the plot is not interesting and the humor is not very good. So the third part will not suit everyone. You'd better watch the first and second parts again.

The final scene leaves much to be desired. It received without atmosphere, and in general all sorts of castles of horrors to scare little children. All these mannequins, toy red-eyed zombies and skeletons do not amuse, there is nothing good and even more atmospheric in them. Another thing would have been if they'd chosen a secluded place for the finale, like in 'Bride of Chucky' a cemetery. That's when it would have been really great. At least this ending would have pulled the film to a more decent level, but it turned out to be silly and unnatural. The only thing I liked was the part with the scythe cutting Chucky's face. Otherwise, it was weak.

I also did not like the frequent showing of the 'live' Chucky. It reduces the suspense considerably, which is very bad for a horror movie. Unlike the first part, where all of Andy's conversations with Chucky were done behind the scenes, here we are shown a close-up of the doll's dialogue with Tyler. This, too, is a flaw in the film. Gone is the mystery, the mystery that was there before, where no one could know what the conversation was about, how it was conducted, in what form, etc. Tyler himself, his image, the acting is nothing special. Plays pretty ordinary, however worse than Alex Vincent from the first parts of 'Child's Play'.

All in all, I'm disappointed with this movie. The first two parts were way higher and better. I can't call it lame, as there is still a tense atmosphere in the film, but it is definitely far from a masterpiece. Rather, it is a one-off, boring movie that has its pluses, but sags a lot in the storyline, which makes it a failure, especially compared to the earlier parts, but overall, a watchable sequel.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 58.61 GB
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