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Nightbreed 4K 1990

Nightbreed 4K 1990

Clive Barker
Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Anne Bobby, Charles Haid, Hugh Quarshie, Hugh Ross, Doug Bradley, Catherine Chevalier, Malcolm Smith, Bob Sessions, Oliver Parker, Debora Weston, Nicholas Vince, Simon Bamford, Kim Robertson, Nina Robertson, Christine McCorkindale, Tony Bluto.
IMDB 6.5
File Size: 62.87 GB
Film Description
A young man named Boone believes himself guilty of a series of brutal murders. He is convinced of this by psychiatrist Decker. Boone seeks salvation in the legendary Midian, an underground city of fugitives where all sins are forgiven. This city serves as a refuge for the Night People, an ancient race of monstrous mutants who change appearance and hide from daylight and human eyes. Warmly welcomed by the night people, Boone must now prioritize Midian's safety above all else. And forever forget Lori, who loves him and is trying to find him. And in her wake follow the police and Decker, who dreams of destroying the night folk.

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Once upon an incredibly long time ago, when videocassettes were still recognized by moviegoers, I rented this movie. Since that time, not much has remained in my memory from 'Night People' except the impression caused by the bizarre makeup and the phrase 'Take me to Midian!'. The phrase had settled in my mind particularly firmly. So, when I had the chance to revisit it, I decided it was a chance I couldn't pass up.

And so it's time to discuss with you my impressions of the movie, which I watched with manic persistence until one o'clock in the morning, which for me is a feat in itself.

As a child, there were more 'why?' questions than answers, and I've only now become familiar with Clive Barker's work. Now that everything has fallen into place in my grown-up mind, I can define the movie as a vivid reflection of literature in cinema.

That is - I mean that many movies not only do not resemble their original book source, but are perceived as if they were written especially for the screen. And here the feeling is as if you look at the screen, but at the same time you read the book, imagining in your head all the crazy characters from Barker's world. And your imaginings are completely in line with what happens in the movie.

The literature of horror was formed for nearly a hundred years (starting with the Gothic novel), to finally appear before us in the form in which we have it now with its own rules and laws. But the cinematography, which also has almost a century of history of horror films, trying to screen another scary story, and in doing so, voluntarily or involuntarily imposing their laws and rules on literature, their actions destroy long-established traditions.

And, therefore, in this case, 'Night People' can still be called a return to the roots of literature.

As I proceed to watch it, I am plunged into oblivion. I, like the protagonist, dream nights, driven by my monstrous dreams, of the terrible city of Midian. A city of the living that everyone says are long dead. A city where the happy ones don't come. A city where all sins are forgiven if you're worthy. I am the salt of the Earth, I am its flesh, I am one of the Night People, I am the Woman who beats the drum in the ancient dungeons of old Midian.

We need not be feared, we need not be loved, or looked upon with disgust. just forget about us, and let us pray in the hidden caverns to our unknown gods.

Take me to Midian! I want to go to Midian, take me there! Over and over again I repeat like a prayer. Take me to Midian!

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Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: FLAC 2.0
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English SDH, German (SDH), Spanish.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 62.87 GB
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