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Scream 2 4K 1997

Scream 2 4K 1997

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Wes Craven
Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jada Pinkett Smith, Omar Epps, Paulette Patterson, Rasila Schroeder, Heather Graham, Roger Jackson, Peter Deming, Molly Gross, Rebecca McFarland, Elise Neal, Liev Schreiber, Kevin Williamson, Sandy Heddings, Dave Allen Clark, Joe Washington.
IMDB 6.3
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Film Description
It was two years after the Woodsboro massacre. Sidney Prescott enrolled in college, moving away from the crazy memories. But the past catches up with her again: the sensational story became a book - a bestseller by Gale Weathers, and now a movie about those very events has been released, stirring up a new wave of terror. And the horror is alive again, and again in every person you meet, you see a murderer!

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Wes Craven's 'Scream' brought the master of horror back to his former heights and proved that despite his mature age, the director has the wit and ability to understand the mood of young audiences who go to the movies and bring the studios good money. The film made a mockery of slashers and even, to a certain extent, set the record straight on the topic at hand. But if a movie collects a big box office, then it is a sin not to continue. Craven didn't mind going back to Sidney Prescott's story once more, and along with him all the main actors of the first part and screenwriter Kevin Williamson went to shoot.

The events of 'Scream 2' take place some time after the first part. Sydney and her comrades graduate from high school, go to college and try to forget about the former massacre, but then a copycat shows up and starts killing everyone again, on whom his strange choice has fallen. The police just throw up their hands, no one can understand why the copycat would do something that horrified the whole country, and apparently the circle of deaths very soon will converge on the same Sydney.

To help the investigation to solve the problem, Dewey is brought in, albeit voluntarily. Besides, an old acquaintance reporter Gale Weathers arrives to Sydney, for whom it is important not only to accomplish a good deed, but also to get at her disposal an excellent material on which she can break the bank. Everyone here has their own motives, the murders go on, the issue has to be resolved.

The second 'Scream' came out even funnier than the first, and that was its right point. Craven immediately wanted to laugh at the laws of the genre and managed to do an outstanding job. You watch the movie, you want to both laugh and be scared and even cry. So close in just two films have these characters become, with whom we have gone through so much trouble and try to stop the villains no matter what, because the police clearly won't help the way we want them to.

Among the new characters who have joined the cast of the film, I can single out Timothy Olyphant and Sarah Michelle Gellar. They have successfully blended into the wild, fast-paced pace of the production. Especially distinguished was Olyphant, who played a connoisseur of cinema who will not once make Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), who in the last part showed that he also loves and respects the cinema above all else.

It's still worth watching now that we've seen everything, but no new slasher film can become as famous and beloved as 'Scream' and its sequel. Even the girls will have something to see here and believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 55.38 GB
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