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The Incredible Melting Man 4K 1977

The Incredible Melting Man 4K 1977

USA     Movies / Horror 4K
William Sachs
Alex Rebar, Burr DeBenning, Myron Healey, Michael Alldredge, Ann Sweeny, Lisle Wilson, Cheryl Smith, Julie Drazen, Stuart Edmond Rodgers, Chris Witney, Edwin Max, Dorothy Love, Janus Blythe, Jonathan Demme, Westbrook Claridge, DeForest Covan, Samuel W. Gelfman, Bonnie Inch.
IMDB 4.1
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Film Description
The astronaut returns to Earth to find his body beginning to decompose and literally melt right before his eyes. Another disturbing symptom is the urge to eat the flesh of his own kind.

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I don't quite understand the reason for such a deep hatred for this film (4.1 points on IMDb). Yes, in '77 there were better-known horror movies ('And the Hills Have Eyes', 'Eaten Alive', 'Animal Day'), but why 'Molten' (full name in passport - 'Incredibly Molten Man') remains forgotten in the back of history - it is unclear to me. Yes, the film reeks of trashiness, but back then they made much worse scarecrows. Immeasurably worse.

So the astronauts fly into space. There they are suddenly exposed to some unknown space junk and lose consciousness. But the new Fantastic Four don't make it - all but one of them, Steve West, die. Waking up on Earth (guys, how did he get to Earth if he was unconscious?) he discovers that he's a sweater. In the literal sense, the cosmonaut began to turn into a hideous skank. And started killing everyone.

At first, behind the waterfall of blood, slime and some other vomitous shit, you somehow do not see the human drama, but it is there. And it's not about ordinary people - who cares about them when a man is mutating into a jelly fish? It's just about him - at some point I just felt sorry for the guy. He was a good-looking man, and then suddenly he was such a bad guy. The parallels with the later 'City of Slime' and 'The Fly' (normal life - mutation - murder - abnormal life) are clearly visible.

The grimmer here is the notorious Rick Baker, so it's all solid A's - Melted quite naturally bleeds slime and blood and rolls his eyes away, his victims bleed profusely and lose limbs. Another advantageous difference from most micro-budget horror films of those days, where they tried not to go further than the proverbial 'knife in the stomach'.

The authors, however, do not realize their happiness and the brisk pace does not stand - having rushed in the beginning (in the first ten minutes West manages to fly into space, irradiate, mutate and kill his first victim) somewhere in the middle the creators run out of steam - they make Melted waddling around, peeking through windows and crying pitifully. In the second half they introduce an elderly couple - the most disgusting characters of the tape, largely due to the desperately overplayed actors who confused the gift of God with the eggs (that is - a movie with the theater). In the finale, however, the creators rehabilitate themselves.

I firmly refuse to call this movie thrashy. It's a hard-hitting horror flick with great makeup, good actors and strong drama. And somehow I don't take anyone else's opinion into account - I liked it, and that's good.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 55.87 GB
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