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Leatherface 4K 2017

USA     Movies / Horror 4K
lexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury
Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Sam Strike, Vanessa Grasse, Finn Jones, Sam Coleman, Jessica Madsen, James Bloor, Christopher Adamson, Dimo Alexiev, Nathan Cooper, Dejan Angelov, Boris Kabakchiev, Lorina Kamburova, Hristo Milev.
IMDB 5.0
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Film Description
While escaping from an asylum for the mentally ill, four teenagers kidnap a young nurse. In pursuit of them, a detachment of policemen starts up, led by the Texas ranger Hal Hartman, vengeful and merciless. One of the fugitives embarks on a path full of tragedies and horrors, which will turn him into a maniac - a legend named Leatherface.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was once a unique horror movie. And of course, it remains that way, if we talk about the original film. All subsequent ones, in the first place, have essentially not brought anything new into the history of the Sawyer family. It was already clear to the viewer from Hooper's first tape that there was a family of cannibals and perverts, well, frankly sick people in one of the corners of Texas. There are a lot of such cases both in real life, and in cinema 40 years ago this genre has just begun to develop. There is an insane amount of films about freaks in all different wilderness, they are basically the same: civilized citizens wander in the wrong place while traveling or just when they are driving along the road from one state to another.

However, 'Leatherface' in its modern form is a completely different film. I watched all the parts of this franchise, I like them all in their own way, because they were filmed by different directors, the actors were also very different. There was a comedy horror film, and a fierce trash, and for me a particularly solid film of 2003, where it was filmed extremely gloomily and with special cruelty. After him, the 'Beginning' of 2006, and even more so 3D in general, seemed to be nonsense, just a look of completely different people at the same story. The faces are different, but the main maniac is one. The saddest thing is that after the 2003 film they tried to tell us for some reason where and why the Sawyer family was born, etc. etc.

So, it immediately killed all the intrigue. When a silent big man in a mask cuts people and no one can cope with him, and no one understands who he is and why he is doing all this, it is creepy and scary, interesting. When they start digging, and try to explain that this is just an ordinary person who has gone crazy under certain conditions, no longer exists. 'Leatherface' (2017) in this regard is not hopeless, because the authors offered to look into the very past of the main character, well, teenage killers, be that as it may, are no longer as banal as previous remakes and began about the same a man in an apron. In addition, in the new film, the desired R rating, blood and abomination is more than. At the same time, fortunately, they did not start a full thrash film, all the violence on the screen is more or less justified.

And who will surprise you now with hide and seek in the carcasses of animals and the sawing of living bodies. A special feature is the ominous irrepressible sheriff performed by Dorff, the image is excellent, the role of thugs is the most important for him. The film is not prolonged, the action is enough, the music matches what is happening on the screen, but the psychiatric hospital at the beginning is just an obligatory part of the given entourage. Well, as for the very main component - the plot: I liked the aforementioned character, well, the presence of the saw, perhaps. Everything else, to be honest, is somehow far-fetched and just resembles one of the versions of the Sawyer story. Well, they put the children in a psychiatric hospital, well, they broke off the chain, then they show the lawlessness of local 'justice'. What did you want to say again by this? That a vengeful sheriff is no better than sick killers?

Well, I have a special pity for the cannibals, whether they are children there or adults, nothing arose. There is, however, a funny moment associated with the appearance of the future butcher - after all, there is an unpleasant-looking and unrealistically fat guy, but in the end they show whom? Twist is shorter, as they like to say now. Unhappy children shred everything in their path, the mother of the family does not lag behind them, there are no authorities as such, and why once again show the complete impotence of the sheriff and ordinary citizens, I do not understand. There are really good moments, but it's not scary even once, be it sawed off fingers, or shot heads. Once again, I was convinced that the more they try to tell or think about the origin, the less intrigue and viewing experience. Hopefully, the next part will be devoted to just a beautiful and brutal hunt of an adult Leatherface in some crowded place.

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Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

German: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
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German, English.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 54.73 GB
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