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Jerry Maguire 4K 1996

Jerry Maguire 4K 1996

Cameron Crowe
Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ren?e Zellweger, Kelly Preston, Jerry O'Connell, Jay Mohr, Bonnie Hunt, Regina King, Jonathan Lipnicki, Todd Louiso, Mark Pellington, Jeremy Suarez, Jared Jussim, Benjamin Kimball Smith, Ingrid Beer.
IMDB 7.3
File Size: 74.90 GB
Film Description
Fired for criticizing his superiors, sports agent Jerry Maguire decides to set up his own company. Only two people believe in him - Dorothy and Rod Tidwell, in love with Maguire, are a talented athlete, but a sassy and extremely evil type.

But circumstances do not stop Jerry - he is confident in himself and knows for sure what he wants. And everything could have been perfectly possible, if not for his former colleagues. For them, all methods are good - especially if you need to prove to a true lover who rules the ball. And Jerry Maguire knows - if he loses, then he will never succeed in getting to his feet.

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The story of the talented guy Jerry Maguire conquered millions of hearts in an instant, who enthusiastically met this beautiful and touching picture, faceted by the camera revelation of the unsurpassed Janusz Kaminsky and decorated with an amazing acting. Fabulous box office, five nominations for the main cinematic award of all times and peoples, but most importantly: the inexhaustible love of viewers around the world, put the tape in the pantheon of the most significant events in world cinema.

Well, it would seem that there isn't something so extraordinary in the films of the director Cameron Crowe; and, of course, they have neither discoveries nor revelations ... But they are all served with such an incredible love for everything that happens on the screen that the viewer involuntarily finds himself under the spell of a real directorial talent. So in "Maguire", starting with the invitation of the legendary cameraman, ending with an absolutely incomparable selection of the cast: Cameron brings his creation to perfection, with awe inherent only to an artist inspired by art.

The brilliant star ensemble, in the face of charming Hollywood actors, makes the picture vivid and accessible to the mass consumer. Both Cruise and Zellweger in their roles look so organically that the characters are not what you believe, but throughout the film they live. Gooding is unprecedented, in this film he pays tribute to comic movie roles for a long time, the authority of which has declined sharply in Hollywood in recent years, and for the sake of this, the film just needs to be watched. The image of Tidwell realized by Gooding is brilliant, overflowing with charisma and energy spurting fountains.

But in general, Crowe's picture is a saga about true courage, desperate determination and genuine passion, about the search for truth through hard trials contrary to doubts and superior powers. The fact that even in the most difficult hours of life it is necessary to fight, not to lose heart, and in no case to give up, believing in yourself and your loved ones. Life, with all its black and white stripes, is the greatest and unconditional gift given to man, by the means of which the same familiarization with reality takes place, which is called self-education. And such life ups and downs, in essence, become a kind of litmus test showing all the weaknesses and strengths of man. And who knows, perhaps some of our talents would not have been revealed, if at certain moments in life fate had not intervened and slapped us on the shoulder. Unfortunately, many were never destined to meet such a gift, and they live their lives quietly and evenly - quietly and evenly enough so as not to recall in their old age how empty and boring their time flew by.

Fatal events found our hero, perhaps, in the brightest moment of his life. Being at the top of the career ladder, surrounded by crowds of pseudo friends and a charming companion, he personally tested the essence of the famous saying about a painful fall from a high flight. But look, he is not broken, he does not grumble and does not complain about fate. Another thing is interesting, what kind of development does the image of the hero go from beginning to end of the film. And how can one again not recall the highest skill of Crowe: it would seem that on this segment of the movie it's simply obliged to slide down to the snotty soap, which Hollywood annually stamps, like a conveyor. But no, we see the full development of the hero with all the consequences. Here you and reassessment of values and the adoption of truly important life guidelines. Yes, success can be achieved at least all your life, but why is it, this success, if it cannot be shared with your loved one. Funny and somewhat clumsy, but at the same time deeply sincere, Tydwell tries to explain this throughout the film. And only the final scene with Jerry rushing to meet his only true love, finally marks the victory of the new Maguire over the old.

And it is not surprising that critics did not like the picture, it is too soft and sweet, and because of this, its inherent sweetness is too pronounced so that avid cynics do not notice it. Nevertheless, as far as the minus of the movie is, so is its indisputable plus. Cameron is not at all embarrassed by such a phenomenon; on the contrary, he is brilliantly manipulating him. And all these pathos of dialogue, naive and exaggerated drama - not just work, but, as a rule, hit the nail on the head. As a result, the viewer receives a bright and kind fairy tale that leaves an extremely pleasant aftertaste, and I want to review the film again and again.

The story of Jerry Maguire is what personal psychotherapy trainings call experience gained in life trials; the very case when you have heard and seen things a thousand times before and suddenly understand and feel so sharply that it becomes difficult to breathe, and after the final credits you cannot find the strength to get out of the chair. This film will remain in your memory forever. Look at it ... Relive it ... And in something you will certainly become better, spiritually richer, stronger ...

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 74.90 GB
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