Titanic 4K 1997
Titanic 4K 1997

Titanic 4K 1997

James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, David Warner, Victor Garber, Jonathan Hyde, Suzy Amis, Lewis Abernathy, Nicholas Cascone, Anatoly M. Sagalevitch, Danny Nucci, Jason Barry, Ewan Stewart.
IMDB 7.9
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Film Description
On the first and last voyage of the posh Titanic, two people meet. Jack, a passenger on the lower deck, has won a ticket at cards, while Rose, a wealthy heiress, is going to America to marry for a marriage of convenience. The young people's feelings are just in time to blossom, and it is not even class differences that will put the lovers to the test, but the iceberg that stands in the way of the liner, which was considered unsinkable.

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Titanic. As well as "Terminator", this word since the release of the movie in 1997 has become a noun, implying the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time, the rise of Canadian singer Celine Dion to the top of the chart for years to come thanks to "My heart will go on", the cult of Leonardo DiCaprio, acquaintance with whom many people got to know after "Titanic" and long deserved award to Jim in the form of 3 Oscars (producer, director, editor) and universal recognition of a truly planetary scale, which resulted not only in 14 nominations and 11 Oscars, but also in the form of a fantastic box office of almost 2 billion dollars from the box office worldwide.

To be honest, when I first heard about this project, I was pretty skeptical. It was unclear to me why Jim suddenly took up the genre of historical drama, because before that he worked exclusively in the genre of science fiction and action movies of the highest caliber. I did not understand how such a maestro of the highest reputation, who made "The Terminator" and "Aliens" can act as a screenwriter and director of some snotty love story and even with little-known actors. Even the mind-boggling budget figure of 200 million dollars and a massive PR-campaign did not particularly impress me then. And for nothing.

Not really trusting the box office receipts of the picture, crowds of people, really besieged theaters of the city and other people's opinions, I did not watch the film in the theater, and quietly waited for a license on VHS and at midnight, sitting at home in front of the TV, arranged a movie review. Oh, my God! I was so wrong. I was once again convinced that everything that Jim's genius hand touches automatically becomes a work of art. Not only that I have enough impressions after "Titanic" for the rest of my life, but also the notorious love story, which I recently ridiculed, made me feel the most "can't" - at the end of the movie I just sat and shed tears in three streams. And the scope of the movie...

Incredibly large-scale and amazing imagination super-vision made such a strong impression that I sat at the screen with my mouth open and face down. And when it came to the actual disaster, not even a bullet could tear me away from the screen. Almost ten years have passed since then, and every time I never cease to be amazed by the virtuoso professionalism of the Master who created this picture. Moreover, I still can't imagine how it was possible to work with SUCH a large number of people in the crowd and achieve the most believable effect of the disaster - not a single real statistician (the movie has quite a lot of people in the crowd, made by means of graphics) even in the background did not raise doubts about the adequacy of their actions. And it was not easy to manage all this crowd.

Despite the rather simple and ingenuous script, Jim perfectly showed not only the beautiful and mesmerizing story of forbidden love and one of the most terrible and impressive catastrophes of the 20th century, but also the problems of interclass discrimination, all the falsity and hypocrisy, arrogance and meanness, stupidity and actually complete incapacity and spiritual emptiness, hidden by the shiny tinsel and external attributes of prosperity of the so-called high society, against the background of which the passengers of the "third class" are "alive" and sincere people who really know how to feel, love, experience, give joy and do it unselfishly and wholeheartedly.

The acting in the picture deserves very high praise. Leo DiCaprio, who BEFORE "Titanic" had a powerful role in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", "This Boy's Life", "Romeo + Juliet", "Total Eclipse", performed one of the best and certainly one of his most famous roles. He played Jack perfectly, although this role and caused many rejection and came out to him sideways - to such a mega-popularity, which fell on him after the premiere, he was clearly not ready.

But here in what really Leo looks good, so that AFTER "Titanic" he went further and did not become an actor of one role (and we know many such examples), although there were all the premise in order to forever remain this sweet boy and the dream of all teenage girls, who at one time literally wrote boiling water at the mere mention of Leo's name, which could not but cause dislike and rejection of the actor in many young people, but DiCaprio could reap the laurels of this role for the rest of his life. As everyone knows, now Leo - one of the most talented, sought-after and multifaceted actors of our time, in his 33 years has already worked with such "bison" of cinema, such as Cameron, Scorsese and Spielberg.

Kate Winslet in the role of Rose also for "A" coped with her role, demonstrating not only the lush forms of her body, but also excellent acting. The timing of her heroine is much larger compared to Jack, and her character is deeper, complex and multifaceted, which resulted in a completely fair nomination for a gold-plated statuette. And how good in the picture Billy Zane - definitely, this is his best role. He played Cal Hockley very convincingly: vile and slimy, greedy and disgustingly mean, arrogant and extremely selfish type, who completely lacks heart and soul - he is just great in this role. But most of all I liked Gloria Stuart in the role of old Rose, who was 87 years old at the time of the movie and who masterfully played a minor, but such a bright role. The rest of the actors are also good, you can single out Kathy Bates as the "unsinkable" Molly Brown and Bill Paxton - one of Jim's favorite actors. "Titanic" is their fourth collaboration.

The scene of the shipwreck deserves a separate conversation. Quite unhurried beginning of the wreck, accompanied by a walk on the decks, playing soccer with a piece of iceberg and idiotic statements like: "Trudy, go turn on the heater in the cabin - I want to drink tea when I come back" is quickly replaced by general panic, shouting and running in search of lifeboats. And when the catastrophe reaches its climax - that's when all the most interesting and exciting things begin. The mad and furious crowd, fist-punching the way to rescue, locked and drowning with children passengers of the "third class", crazy from shock captain and restraining the general onslaught of officers of the ship, shooting not only in the air, but also in the passengers, and then also in the head.

Further - more: sailing half-empty lifeboats, wild screams of people jumping into the water from the ship and stretching their hands to the departing lifeboats, from where they are pushed by the most "kind-hearted", the ship breaking in half, going under water and almost fifteen hundred bodies frozen in the icy water, including Jack. Rose's final monologue about Jack: "He saved me not only from death, but also from many other things, and I don't even have his picture - he stayed alive only in my memory" really touches the heart, and their posthumous reunion on the "Titanic" against the background of universal class harmony is one of the best scenes of the movie.

The technical perfection of the picture is done, as always with Jim, at an unattainable and forbidden level. The movie deservedly "took" all "technical" nominations, including visual effects, sound editing, artist's work and costumes. Special mention should be made of the virtuoso and astounding camerawork (Jim himself was the underwater cameraman), perfect editing, excellent sound, incredibly beautiful and dramatic soundtrack by James Horner (his best work along with "Braveheart") and, of course, the mega-directing of the movie. Pay attention to the credits at the end of the picture - look at how many people worked on the movie and what a colossal and titanic labor they did.

Maybe someone will consider the movie to be drawn out, tedious and powdered with pathos and trite story about love without passion - but it will be obviously not me. It's been ten years since the cult of "Titanic" hurricane swept across the world, and the bar set by this epochal masterpiece has remained an unattainable peak, which no other blockbuster has been able to approach. And this applies not only to box office receipts, but also to the highest quality in every sense of the word of the monumental creation of the living God of modern cinema James Cameron, whose name is "Titanic".

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