One False Move 4K 1992 big poster
One False Move 4K 1992

One False Move 4K 1992

Carl Franklin
Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Cynda Williams, Michael Beach, Jim Metzler, Earl Billings, Natalie Canerday, Robert Ginnaven, Robert Anthony Bell, Kevin Hunter, Phyllis Kirklin, Meredith 'Jeta' Donovan, Jimmy Bridges, Phyllis Sutton, Derrick Williams, June Jones, Loren Tyler, Deniese Payne.
IMDB 7.1
File Size: 55.97 GB
Film Description
Liza Walker, who came to Los Angeles from Arkansas, found herself in bad company. Her buddy Ray Malcolm and his partner commit a brutal murder, slaughtering an entire family in one of the houses. Having taken the loot, the trio heads to Houston in the hope of realizing the goods. On the way they decide to wrap up in Arkansas. There the police officer Dale Dixon, nicknamed "Hurricane", comes on the trail of criminals....

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In order to solve her material problems, a dark-skinned beauty named Fantasia brings her roommate and his brother-in-law to the house of her acquaintances. They have to collect the drug surplus and share it with the girl. After that Fantasia will return to her native Arkansas to her five-year-old son, left in the care of his grandmother. But the gangsters, apparently driven by personal internal conflicts, behave exceptionally cruel - slaughtered the entire family, in which they came. They did not spare and the drug dealer, on whom they pointed, killed him and his buddies. Then they went on the run toward the safety of Mexico.

The L.A. Police quickly figured out who did the massacre, so all they had to do was capture the fugitives. A pair of classic cinematic detectives, having dug up about Fantasia, travel to Arkansas to set up an ambush. There they are met by an ambitious provincial sheriff who dreams of escaping the wilderness and sees his lucky ticket in solving a federal crime. And then it's a matter of getting all the heroes in one place and offering a more or less sane solution to the situation.

The first thing that catches the eye in this movie is a certain unassembled supertask. The dramatic component is lost in the abundance of moral drama stamps, so hackneyed that it is not difficult for a trained moviegoer to unravel all the nuances. But it is not such a trouble, the brain works and well, even if a little faster than the film is spinning. However, my imagination immediately drew a slightly more interesting denouement than I was offered. Not different, just much more spectacular. And in my opinion, that's a problem. If you've been given the opportunity to think, then don't fail yourself.

As a result, the film turned out to be average, with an overabundance of moralizing and a crumpled finale. You can watch it, but it is easy to live without it. There are many other things that happen in life.

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File size: 55.97 GB
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