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The Truman Show 4K 1998
The Truman Show 4K 1998

The Truman Show 4K 1998

Peter Weir
Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Holland Taylor, Brian Delate, Blair Slater, Peter Krause, Heidi Schanz, Ron Taylor, Don Taylor, Ted Raymond, Judy Clayton, Fritz Dominique, Angel Schmiedt, Nastassja Schmiedt, Muriel Moore.
IMDB 8.2
File Size: 53.77 GB
Film Description
Imagine that you suddenly begin to realize that everything around you is a set, and people are actors pretending to be what they seem to be. Your whole world turns out to be a big TV show where you play the main role without even realizing it. Your whole life is the result of the work of the author of a TV show that the whole planet has been watching for thirty years, starting from the moment you were born.

In such a situation was Truman, the main character of the picture. Will he continue to live in a safe world, where, as he now knows, he has almost no freedom of choice, or will he leave the "game" and become the master of his own fate, where a girl not planned by the script is waiting for him?

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Let's say I'm a viewer of The Truman Show.

Give me an observatory and I will follow the stars, give me a microscope and I will follow bacteria, give me binoculars and you will not escape my gaze, give me a TV set and I will enter your life. You won't see me, but I'll be in it, or rather you'll be in my life. I'll get up and I'll lie down looking at you, I'll watch your lives, breakfast and dinner, I'll be there for you. You are my altar, you are my Bible, you are my idols, I look at you, I worry. Am I living?

I'm a hostage, I don't want to be a hostage, and I can't help it, 10,000+ days of my life I've devoted to your city, I've lived to see you live, I haven't left the screen, my world has dried up, I've stopped living. I'm a hostage. A hostage of The Truman Show. I'm Truman.

Truman wakes up, I get up. Truman eats, I eat. Truman goes to work, I walk beside him. Truman lives as he knows how - I know that everything is decided for him. I guess but I can't tell him, I wonder what will happen next, sitting at the bar, lying in the bathtub, I'm addicted, I see him always. He doesn't see me. I'm him. And what is he? A man? A slave? A television project?

I can see the difference from him, I'm free. And he is not, he cannot leave his home, he is not let out, it would seem, by fate itself. The question now is different, who suffers more: Truman, who thinks he lives as best he can - but he lives. Or I the viewer, who traded my freedom - for his life. Which is more important to me, his life or my life? And he's trying to break out of his world, he's trying to find freedom. He has a meaning in his life, and it is to fight.

Let's say I saw a movie about The Truman Show.

When people stop struggling - humanity will die out - as I've always said, it's not for nothing that millions have struggled and died with one word "freedom" on their lips - as they said beautifully in "The Bicentennial Man." And this Truman, having gone through a significant part of life, realized that life hadn't really begun yet. He began to doubt who he was and what his destiny (life path, if you like), why he still has not left his native shores, why everyone is following him.

Paranoia? No. Dreams? Again, no. What is it then? Why is the hero who has long dreamed of Fiji still at home, we must find out Truman thought, and the people watched him.

A funny picture emerges, the hero, who seems to be a hostage of the situation, due to the limited ability to move, is more free than the viewer. The hero walks freely around his city, while the viewer does not leave his apartment, moreover, does not leave the TV screen. Truman seems to have the upper hand here.

But on the other hand, Truman found himself in a situation where his freedom was limited against his will, and as for his viewer, he chose the path of a hostage of TV air. The viewer had the right to choose, which Truman was deprived of - and where do human rights organizations look? Truman's in the deep end, he's not who he thinks he is.

Let's say The Matrix.

In my mind's eye I see a dark city and test tubes, people hatching out of these flasks, and some higher form watching them. Life is a kind of entertainment, for others. Though this situation is more palatable than the one in "Final Cut" (with Robin Williams), where all of life fits into a two-hour movie.

Or take the above, a utopia, a future world. Complete totalitarianism (if not already introduced in political science, I will), the world is unchanged, but the individual of this mega state has become shallower than a pawn. Your every move is monitored, if you insult the leader in front of your eyes, you are shot. You look askew in the direction of the portrait of the leader - gallows. The leader sits in his chair and watches everything and everyone, with ALL his eyes and ALL his ears. Wait, that's happened before and not too long ago.

Well, let's assume complete totalitarianism even higher, each individual is not just under the control of everyone and everything, each individual has his own destiny, determined before birth and directed to the end. Everything: family, friends, work - fake, your dreams, thoughts are imposed. Your ideals are defined, your life is quoted. Only your head is not yet controllable (I don't know how in the future, if thought-controlling sorcerers come to power), but in this future man is still the same. And the state apparatus - a harsh machine created by man, against man has not just reached a peak, but this peak is propped up, it is now not collapsing.

Now democracy is a real myth, freedom is a word from children's fairy tales, and the Internet is in full control of the apparatus. Only one small person, not going against the system, but being a direct part of it, can find a door in the wall and go out, cross the step separating the ideal utopia for people who voluntarily gave their freedom to the leader, and the leader says: "The Truman Show", and people go to the screens. The leader rules the people through the TV, and he himself remains in the shadows.

The ideal state is not the right word, there is no reason for people's unrest - everyone is at the TV. There is no reason for pensioners' protests - they are the first on TV. There is no time for elections - the electorate is on TV. Who is preventing the leader from being re-elected from one term to another, nobody. The opposition is on TV. All are free, but all are slaves - the exact hidden slogan for the parliamentary majority.

Let's say there was an actor in the movie.

Of course, besides the idea itself (or rather the ideas of the movie), the performer of the main role, the best American comedian of the 90s, one of the most talented American dramatic actors of the turn of the century - Jim Carrey - deserves attention.

-Jim, you were on top of your game, I didn't expect such an amazing performance from you. To be honest, I forgot for a moment that you were doing comedies. Jim, how did you do that?

Jim's not talking. My imagination can't talk to Kerry, I can talk to Lynch anytime, but I can't talk to Kerry.

Then I'll tell you myself. How I define an actor's performance. I watch a movie, assess how much the image is revealed, how steady the actor in different episodes, whether he was able to convey heartache and other experiences .... In general, there are all sorts of factors that pop up in my head while watching movies, and to which I can refer when evaluating each work separately. That is, I could do that ideally.

Except there's another more universal way. Do you like the hero of the movie as a whole, if after the movie you want to see this character, he became a close friend to you, and you do not mind to put it, then read, the actor (actress) is good. If it is a negative character, then the word "put" changes to "shoot". And if after the movie you don't even remember the character, and the character didn't give a reason, then read, he's bad.

A simple example Tom Hanks - "Outcast", for the movie the actor creates such a character that at the end of the movie you feel that you've bonded with the hero. The same with Depp's character, say in the movies "Cocaine" or "The Prowler". And about Pacino's roles in "Quatermass" and "Scent of a Woman" I'm not talking at all. And about the poor performance of the actor's work remember yourself. I will say that there are other factors that serve as auxiliary: the actors are good, the movie is not. Or my favorite: the movie is so bad that even good acting didn't save it.

Where do you think Jim Carrey goes with Truman? That's right, great acting, a character so likable that I'd have a drink with that character.

Let's say the movie.

Indeed the movie was far better than I expected, hence the conclusion of a near masterpiece. What was frustrating, and the fact that you can't sort everything out in one review, especially after a single viewing of the movie, especially late at night...

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File size: 53.77 GB
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