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Two Stage Sisters 4K 1964 CHINESE

Two Stage Sisters 4K 1964 CHINESE

China     Movies / Drama 4K
Jin Xie
Fang Xie, Yindi Cao, Nan Deng, Ran Ding, Lin Dong, Qi Feng, Fang Gao, Wei Li, Jingyi Luo, Ji Ma, Yunzhu Shangguan, Feng-juan Shen, Hao Shen, Bofang Wu, Caigen Xu.
IMDB 6.6
File Size: 77.76 GB
Film Description
Chunhua, a teenage girl from a poor family who ran away from an unpromising marriage, is fortunate not only to find refuge in an itinerant troupe of traditional Yuehua opera, but also to eventually become a talented performer. Her best friend and named sister, Yuehun, performs in the same troupe in male roles. They grow up before our eyes, choosing their path and destiny during a difficult period of wars, revolutions, and social upheaval in China from 1935 to 1950.

4k movies reviews
Like a handsome Bollywood epic, Two Stage Sisters a film by Jin Xie has something for everyone -- sympathetic heroines, evil capitalists, great music, Hollywood-style melodrama, and revolutionary fervor. Set in pre-Revolutionary China, it is a tragic melodrama with strong political overtones. Though revolutionary in spirit, the film was banned after its debut for "bourgeois humanism", ostensibly making the reactionary sister seem too sympathetic. The director himself was imprisoned at the start of the Cultural Revolution.

In Two Stage Sisters, a runaway peasant girl, Zhu Chunhua (Fang Xie), is taken in by an opera troupe and meets Xing Yuehong (Yindi Cao) and her kind father, Master Xing. When the father dies, the two actresses go to Shanghai and perform in the Shaoxing Opera, displacing the former singer, Miss Shang (Yunzhu Shangguan) who grows bitter and resentful towards the manager, Master Tang. Yuehong and Chunhua become close friends but it is obvious they are moving in different directions. Chunhua meets a revolutionary cadre who points out how women are exploited and oppressed, making sure to point out that its not just the fault of the bosses but their bosses and beyond that, the Americans.

Chunhua attends political meetings and becomes involved in the Revolution while Yuehong marries Master Tang and lives in style - wearing Western clothes, high heels, elaborate headdresses, and makeup. When Chunhua refuses to stop a play objected to by the bosses, she is assaulted and comes face to face in court with Yuehong who is forced to testify against her, setting the stage for a dramatic climax. Powerful and involving, Two Stage Sisters is an important film and a rare treat for the senses.

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English, Mandarin (Simplified).

Info Blu-ray
File size: 77.76 GB
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