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Bed and Board 4K 1970 FRENCH

Bed and Board 4K 1970 FRENCH

François Truffaut
Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claude Jade, Hiroko Berghauer, Barbara Laage, Danièle Girard, Daniel Ceccaldi, Claire Duhamel, Daniel Boulanger, Silvana Blasi, Pierre Maguelon, Jacques Jouanneau, Claude Véga, Jacques Rispal, Jacques Robiolles, Pierre Fabre, Christian de Tillière, Billy Kearns, Anik Belaubre.
IMDB 7.5
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Film Description
Continuation of the largely autobiographical story of the teenager Antoine Doinel. He is burdened by his position at school and in the family, seeks to escape from the dull and dull everyday life. Growing up, Doinel falls in love and marries Christine, becomes the father of a child, then experiments with adultery, having an uninteresting love affair with Kyoko.

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The procession of the rebellious, eternally seeking and, at best, finding once, but often much more losing than gaining Antoine Doinel along the winding path of spiritual affairs, as rich in obstacles as it is meager in reciprocity, ultimately reached its natural, but hardly expected outcome. The rumble of four hundred beats died down in the heart, the feeling of 20 years was dulled, the kisses that were stolen furtively returned, and, in the end, the turn of married life came, which is more burdensome for a high-flying bird than a stone tied to the neck of a drowned man.

The French are a truly amazing nation, they definitely have everything in an outrageous excess. Their women are always (well, almost always) a little more flirtatious than the norms of decency require, and men, again, are always (here, without any exceptions) children a little more than common sense requires. Therefore, if we take into account that a man in his daily worries and, even in the degree of their experience, is none other than an adult child, then the Frenchman, without any doubt, is a child doubly. And sometimes his childishness, concerning things that are serious by definition, acquires the features of charming mischief, in its enthusiasm bordering either on feigned frivolity, or on uniform recklessness.

That's just such an endlessly playing boy, in fact, was Francois Truffaut, giving out a pretty smile where others used to frown. Deprived of the example of a godly family at an early age, he subsequently failed to experience all its advantages from personal experience, although he tried repeatedly. Remaining until the end of his days a man who denies all marital values, Truffaut never ceased to be surprised at the enviable constancy of people who marry on their own initiative. Indeed, in essence, what can be attractive in the voluntary restriction of personal interests, resulting in an endless tangle of compromises and the impossibility of full-fledged freedom?

That is why Truffaut contemplated family life with frantic curiosity, but did not study its ins and outs in any way, because he probably felt ignorant of questions of this kind and did not dare to indulge in philosophizing from scratch. Considering the ingenuous infantilism, his observation sometimes resembles a playful spying on the life of neighbors in the stairwell, in which there is more mischief than in the eyes of a child who has committed a petty offense.

It is curious that such an approach, in fact, turned out to be the most penetrating, because it not only reduced the general to the particular, but also outlined the contours of an almost ideal family hearth, in which the spouses, if they resort to little tricks, then only for the sake of mutual benefit, and the feeling mutual affection is above adultery, since it is much stronger emotionally. In such a relationship, there are no extremes: if a husband asks his wife to wear glasses, it is only because her current appearance seems to him fresh, but not because of a former girlfriend who suffered from myopia. If a spouse needs privacy, it is only because postpartum depression is a sickly hormonal stress, and not a consequence of alienation from her husband. But all this is by no means immediately realized, especially if it is customary to see the other side of the coin in everything.

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Codec: HEVC / H.265 (64.3 Mb/s)
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HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1

French: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
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French: Dolby Digital 2.0

English, French.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 45.37 GB
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