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Serengeti 4K 2011

Reinhard Radke
Hardy Krüger Jr.
IMDB 7.5
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Film Description
Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous African Serengeti National Park is a completely unique natural ecosystem that has been virtually untouched by human influence to date. It is a place of colossal annual animal migrations, where hundreds of thousands of zebras, antelopes and other herbivores move in the same circle unchanged each year. Huge herds are accompanied by their natural enemies predators, making this long journey a constant struggle for existence of epic proportions.

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Where do crocodiles, hippos, Marty the zebra and Alexa the lion, and other African fauna live in great numbers with minimal human presence? Of course, in Madagascar, the twenty-first century resident enlightened by DreamWorks Pictures products will answer. And he would be wrong, because very nearby, between Kenya and Tanzania, scattered its 30,000 square kilometers ecological area Serengeti, a real natural simulacrum for 4.5 million wild ungulates, 500 species of birds, a generous handful of felines and reptiles.

Of course, various animal documentarians couldn't get past this animal diversity. The ubiquitous BBC marked the series as part of the series "Wildlife", South Korea left its mark with two parts of "The Wild Life of the Serengeti". In between, the Germans showed their Nordic view of hot Africa in the full-length Serengeti National Park, where director Reinhard Radke meticulously recomposed the footage and simultaneously released In the Great Outside of the Serengeti, The Cheetah. Fatal Instinct" and "Crocodile. The Truth of Prehistoric Lizard Life."

Not getting involved in the doomed to failure race of computer nanotechnology and not pretending to some innovative approach to visualization, the Germans competently used the available technical resources and the painting of the treasury of wildlife. Good optical equipment guaranteed quality picture without interfering directly in the circle, good old rapide, light arrangement completed one hundred minutes sketch with a sense of cognition of natural beauty of any hardened urbanist.

But along with this gentlemanly set of genre, "Serengeti National Park" felt like a pivot of thought, throwing the message "Herbivores eat grass, predators eat herbivores" to the heart of human life. Here is a herd of wildebeest grazing peacefully, a trio of cheetahs attacks one of them. The victim is three times more massive than a wildcat and resists long enough until the quantity of the attackers turns into quality in the form of turning the ungulate into a torn corpse. Literally a dozen paces away from what happened, a good hundred other antelopes are watching the fight indifferently. All it takes is for a couple of them to rush to their aid, and the cheetahs, mortally afraid of being maimed, which is synonymous with a slow death by starvation, will immediately rush away. But no - let you today and me tomorrow - the criminal thesis has undeniable proof in the animal world.

Or the parent-child relationship. The fact that males (whether predators, ungulates or reptiles) don't give a damn about their cubs (they can even kill them for various reasons) is somehow understandable. But the emphasized cold attitude of females to newly born alien unexperienced cubs is striking. Having lost his mother in the herd, little Bambi is doomed, he will be shoved and knocked down by his tribesmen. The lioness couldn't hunt herself and a few kittens - the vultures are always at her back, and it doesn't matter that others got the fat carcass - the one who didn't take part in the hunt won't be allowed to share. It's every man for himself. You involuntarily draw parallels with human society, and despite a pile of complaints about it, both global and local, you realize that, in principle, reason is not a bad thing.

If you somehow evaluate the film, then, giving credit to the professionalism of its creators, you realize that all the same, it is the usual production of today's channels about nature. There were no special findings here, but failures, too, though. Informative and picturesque - as befits the genre. Not everyone is destined to book a safari tour or run away on a boat from his zoo - animal art comes to us mostly from TV screens, and the work of "Serengeti National Park" fulfilled its role.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 23.00 GB
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