Deidra Laney Rob a Train 4K 2017 big poster
Deidra Laney Rob a Train 4K 2017

Deidra Laney Rob a Train 4K 2017

USA     Movies / Comedy 4K
Sydney Freeland
Missi Pyle, Danielle Nicolet, Tim Blake Nelson, Sharon Lawrence, Ashleigh Murray, Sasheer Zamata, Rachel Crow, Myko Olivier, Arturo Castro, David Sullivan, Brooke Markham, Kinna McInroe, Monica Moore, Colby James Strong, Lance Gray...
IMDB 6.40
File Size: 13.23 GB
Film Description
After their mother ends up in jail, two sisters turn to train robbery in order to support their family.

User Reviews:
Deidra & Laney Rob a Train is one heart-warming, entertaining film that one needs from time to time. I found myself rooting for the lead characters all the way. The film is something of a feel- good vibe where not everything will feel plausible, but it's very easy to forgive because by then you'll be heavily invested in the characters. And the feel-good vibe also does not mean there aren't heavier issues handled with great care and heart. I was definitely tearing up in one scene. Ashleigh Murray is amazing as Deidra, the future Valedictorian who's left to take care of her sister and brother while their mom is in jail. She's very charismatic and was more than capable of carrying the film. I hope to see her in more good roles like this one. Rachel Crow, Danielle Nicolet and Sasheer Zamata were also such pleasures to watch in their respective roles. Missi Pyle also deserves a mention!

Source: TrollUHD
Duration: 1 h, 32 min
Size: 13.2 GB
Format: MKV
Bitrate: 20.5 Mb/s

Video Codec: AVC
Video Bitrate: 20.2 Mb/s
Width: 3840 pixels
Height: 2160 pixels
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
Audio Format: AC-3
Audio Bitrate: 384 kb/s
Channels: 6
Language: English, Spanish, French, Chinese

Info Blu-ray
File size: 13.23 GB
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